Coronavirus in UK: Experts reveal that social distancing may be needed for most of this year

  • UK Prime Minister Boris Jophnson called on people to join the national effort and follow social distancing advice

  • Experts believe social distancing should be followed to combat the Coronavirus

Scientists in UK recently revealed that social distancing would be needed for "at least half of the year" to stop the intensive care units being overwhelmed. This recommendation was made by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) along with a few more and less strict measures for most of the year.

While the strict measures include school closures and social distancing for everyone, the less strict measures include isolating cases and households.

Social distancing is much needed

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The experts suggest their recommendation after UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday that the UK could "turn the tide" on the COVID-19 outbreak within 12 weeks. While over 65,000 retired doctors and nurses in England and Wales were asked to return to work in the NHS to help tackle the outbreak which has already infected 5,067 people in UK, government ordered to shut schools in UK.

The recent recommendation prepared by Sage mentioned that alternating safety measures could "plausibly be effective at keeping the number of critical care cases within capacity".

Patrick Vallance, the government's chief scientific adviser, said that the evidence in the documents published on Friday, March 20 has "played a considerable role in shaping our recommendations". In addition, he also said that there are many experts in UK who are currently at the forefront of their chosen fields and their opinion is being used in terms of understanding the Novel Coronavirus.

The advise from the experts also said that the best estimate of the proportion of people who die after being infected is in the range of 0.5 percent to one percent, while there will be a delay of two to three weeks between the implementation of the measures and their impact being felt in intensive care. It also include:

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Recently PM Johnson has warned that the NHS could be "overwhelmed" if the Britons do not act to slow the "accelerating" spread of coronavirus, so he advised people not to visit loved ones on this Mother's Day. He called on people to join the national effort and follow social distancing advice.

While the families prepare to celebrate Mother's Day in the UK on Sunday, The British PM said the best single present for mothers would be to stay away, while the government ordered to close restaurants, cafes and pubs, as well as some other public spaces like gyms and cinemas. He mentioned that people can video call or use Skype to wish their mothers and avoid any unnecessary physical contact or proximity.

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