Coronavirus-tracing apps should not be used for mass surveillance: EU

The deadly virus outbreak has created a major stir around the world in recent times claiming the lives of nearly 3 million people globally

The coronavirus or COVID-19 contact-tracing apps should only be used during the pandemic and will require to be automatically de-activated at her the crisis gets over, EU justice commissioner Didier Reynders stated in a bid to reduce the concerns over state surveillance on Thursday.

EU concerned about Coronavirus contact-tracing apps

Novel Coronavirus
Novel Coronavirus

The countries are working to develop mobile tracing apps with the hope that smartphone technology can help in bringing about a reopening of borders and economic activity without paving the way to a second wave of the novel virus outbreak.

"Apps cannot be used for mass surveillance. Individuals will keep control on their data," Reynders told EU lawmakers in a plenary sitting, as deputies reiterated concerns over risks that these apps could pose to privacy. "Apps should be only used during the crisis and be deactivated at the latest when the pandemic is over," Reynders said, adding the de-activation should occur even if users forget to uninstall the applications.

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