Coronavirus patient claims Chinese medical team sent alive patients for cremation [VIDEO]

A video recently posted on social media platform that showcased a woman, claiming that Chinese health team has been sending alive coronavirus patients for cremation

The National Health Commission reported on Saturday at least 47 new deaths in China bringing up the death toll to over 2,800 in the country among the 79,251 confirmed cases. While Italy has reported 650 coronavirus cases and 21 deaths, South Korea is grappling with the largest outbreak of the COVID-19 outside China, which is the epicentre of the deadly disease.

Meanwhile, a video has appeared on social media platform Twitter where a woman claimed that she saw Coronavirus patients were wrapped in plastics and put inside coffin-like boxes when they were still breathing and moving.

Coronavirus outbreak in China

Coronavirus (Representational picture) Xinhua/IANS

While the whole world is struggling to deal with the new Coronavirus outbreak, which could reach most, "if not all" countries around the world, as per WHO, a new video revealed the horrific details about taking care of a patient in a hospital.

The video which was posted and shared on social media by several Twitter users showcased an old woman, who is a survivor of the coronavirus case. IBTimes Singapore believes that people with whom she was travelling, are the family members. During the car journey, the woman was describing what she saw inside a hospital in Tianjin where she was admitted after getting affected by COVID-19 in China.

The truth of Coronavirus patients

The video which was taken inside a moving car showed at least three people along with the woman, who revealed the details about the Tianjin medical team. The video starts with the woman saying, "I saw it with my own eyes. I am at the No 18th bed and he was at the No 17th bed. He was admitted on the morning of January 28."

She said on the same day, when the Tianjin medical support team arrived at their ward, the elderly man, possibly in his 70s, more than inhaling air, he was able to exhale while breathing and when admitted, he was diagnosed with the same symptoms like the woman. Soon the man who was driving the car asked the woman "So he was still alive?" and in response, the former Coronavirus patient said that "He was still breathing when they were tying his hands...his hands and feet were still moving."

The witness revealed that after tying the patient's hand and feet first he was put into a black plastic bag and "zipped up," then wrapped with another plastic bag and again wrapped with a canvas-like bag. She said, "After wrapping with four layers, he was put into a box and taken away."

The driver then asked her that is it possible that the health staff were trying to rescue the infected man. The woman immediately replied that "There is nothing to rescue him other than supply oxygen" and then the man said that "So they were sending live people for cremation."

A few seconds later, the video showed the woman saying that "Well, it is infectious," so "what options do they have?" She also mentioned that the authority was afraid that the virus would spread." The woman who this incident happening next to her hospital bed revealed that there are several cases like this and while giving examples she told about an old man, who was stationed at a ward next to her who was also taken by the medical team before he "completely stopped breathing" and was "wrapped up and sent for the cremation."

After the video appeared many netizens criticised China. While some said that "This is the Communist China," someone Tweeted that "I really hope the ppl of China launch a revolution against their govt." However, IBTimes Singapore could not verify immediately whether this was a genuine video or not

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