Is Coronavirus Pandemic a Depopulation Plan of UN? 1 in 5 Americans Believe Vaccine Will Be Used to Poison People

The men were more willing to take the COVID-19 vaccine than women in the US, as per the latest survey

As the number of conspiracy theories regarding the coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak continues to rise in the US population, a new poll has discovered that almost one in five people in the US believe the deadly pandemic is a 'depopulation tactic'. Around 19 percent of the adults around thwe nation agreed that the COVID-19 was intentionally released as a part of a depopulation plan orchestrated by the UN or the New World Order, as per a poll shared with The Independent by the HOPE not hate (Hnh), which is an anti-extremist non-profit.

The survey of 5,500 people discovered that almost 23 percent of the Americans believe that probably a vaccine 'will be used maliciously to infect people with poison'. More than half of the participants said they are going to take the vaccine. More than 21 percent said they are not going to get vaccinated, 14 percent said they will definitely not be and another 7 percent said probably not. The rest 24 percent were not sure about their opinion.

Men More Willing to Take Vaccine

New York Coronavirus
Coronavirus in New York Pixabay

The men were more willing to take the vaccine than women as four out of 10 men agreed to take the vaccine while 27 percent of the women agreed. Only 16 percent of the Trump supporters stated that they will be taking the vaccine compared to 71 percent of the Biden supporters.

This week President Donald Trump also pushed the conspiracy theory that hospitals are using coronavirus as doctors want to get more money. This comes as the country witnessed a recorded rise in the number of coronavirus cases and also deaths. Around two-thirds of the people surveyed think Trump mismanaged the pandemic whereas 55 percent believe that the virus outbreak has pointed out the vast inequality that exists in American society.

The deadly virus outbreak has created a major stir around the world and the US is the worst affected nation. With the presidential election coming it will be interesting to see whether Trump gets reelected after facing the wrath of the public for the way his administration tackled the pandemic.

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