Coronavirus: Man tested negative post quarantine coughs during TV interview creating panic [VIDEO]

While explaining about the quarantine experiences, Frank Wucinski was seen struggling to speak and started to cough during the show

A US citizen and his three-year-old daughter quarantined in San Diego for attending a memorial service in Wuhan, China, recently gave an interview to Fox News on Friday, February 28, 2020.

While explaining about the quarantine experiences, the Pennsylvania man was seen struggling to speak as he started to cough. The video of Frank Wucinski and his daughter Annabel has started doing the rounds on social media with many fearing if he is infected with the COVID-19 that has claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 people in over 60 countries.

Man tested negative after quarantine coughs during TV interview creating panic
A man tested negative after quarantine coughs during TV interview creating panic Fox News/Screenshot

Not just that, Wucinski was even seen forcefully drinking water from a bottle his daughter was drinking from and handed it back to her. When the show presenters asked about his cough, he said: "They said I'm fine. I got tested twice, negative both times. The cough, probably just nerves."

Father and daughter were evacuated from Wuhan

The father and daughter were evacuated from Wuhan on February 4 and were placed in 14-day quarantine in the MCAS Miramar military base in San Diego. After being tested negative to the deadly virus, the duo was released on February 20.

Wucinski lived in China for nearly 15 years and his wife, whose family is based in Wuhan, which is the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak in China, is still stuck there. She is suffering from pneumonia, which is believed to be due to the virus infection. She had been staying in China to help her father, who died of the coronavirus infection. Looking at his tweets, it is understood that the family was waiting outside the hospital and sleeping in their car for weeks to get a bed at the hospital.

"Her father has the virus and hospitals in China do not provide services like feeding or washing patients, so she had to cook meals every day for him (sic)," he had tweeted earlier.

During the TV show, Wucinski explained the scary experiences they faced without having any idea of what was going on. He was also facing huge medical bills from their time in quarantine, which he thought would be paid by the government. Following this, he even started a fundraiser campaign but was later informed that the medical bills were sent to him in a computer error. Therefore, he has decided to use $17,930 collected so far to pay for their medical insurance.

However, Wucinski's actions during the TV show has not gone down well with many netizens, who have been criticising the father for coughing and using his daughter's water bottle, despite speaking that the coronavirus is contagious.

This is how social media users reacted after the TV show:


Someone should tell him it's not safe to drink out of your child's water bottle & give it back to her, when you're obviously sick. We shouldn't have to tell parents this, but then again, here he is...on Fox News saying coronavirus is really nothing much at all. Duh.‍♀️


This really makes me mad. He just spread it to his kid. Sharing water with her coughing like that!! Father of the year I see!!


This man also gives us several clear examples, on live tv, of how NOT to interact with your children when you are sick...Seriously- coughing into his hand and then touching her face and then taking her water and giving it back...REALLY?


Unreal. Coughs into his hand then uses same hand to touch his daughter's hand and take her water.

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