Coronavirus Infested White House Needs to be Cleaned and Sanitized Before Biden Moves In

The White House itself has become the Coronavirus hotspot, as the total number of known Coronavirus cases in Trump residence is now 36 since October

The White House is currently a terrible place to live in. Not only due to the current chaos triggered by Trump's family, team Trump and the President himself regarding the unproven voter fraud claims, but also because of the increasing Coronavirus cases inside the White House.

When millions of Americans are currently waiting for the election results, the COVID-19 cases are increasing in the US. Not only the residents of different states are continuously being affected by the COVID-19, but also members of Trump's presidential team have tested positive for the disease.

Recently another member of the circle contracted the virus, he is president's chief of staff Mark Meadows. Alongside him, four other White House staff, including Trump's assistant Cassidy Hutchinson, have also tested positive for COVID-19.

Donald Trump
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It has brought the total number of known Coronavirus cases in the White House to 36 since October when Trump, the First lady and many of the staff members were infected. The concern here is, even though the virus can live outside the body for a certain period of time—as per studies 28 days maximum—the White House needs to be sanitized completely if Joe Biden and his family, as well as staff members, have to move in.

Will that Be Extremely Tough Job?

Actually no, according to Juan Ventura, who runs Paracas Group, a large Milan-based professional cleaning service that has been sanitizing private and corporate places during the Coronavirus outbreak in Italy.

First, the cleaners have to spray hydrogen peroxide solution in each of the rooms and then close it for half an hour. Once it is done, some good aeration is enough to make the place habitable and virus free. As per the Italian health ministry's guidelines, it was found that this is an effective process to eliminate the pathogen.

White House
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Such a procedure will work for the White House too as it doesn't damage precious textiles, other luxurious materials, or surfaces. This process is also non-toxic, said Ventura. But still 55,000 square feet White House would be a large place to sanitize though the entire cleaning procedure can be completed within a day.

However, all this could happen if the Trump family leaves the residence that he definitely doesn't want to do as he is now looking forward to a long legal battle.

This article was first published on November 7, 2020
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