Coronavirus: As fatalities in US, France exceed 3,000, Spain surpasses China in number of cases

The total number of Covid-19 fatalities reported from around the world has surpassed 37,000; as the number of infection cases has reached 785,709

USA and France witnessed their deadliest days on Monday, March 31, as both nations witnessed the highest number of novel coronavirus fatalities. Meanwhile, Spain--the hardest-hit European nation, after Italy, reported 7,846 new cases. Thus, its number of cases has reached 87,956 surpassing China's 81,439 cases.

Italy, although, has witnessed a drop in the number of infection cases, but with 812 additional fatalities, its total death toll has reached 11,591; almost 4,000 more than the second-worst hit Spain, which has registered 7,716 fatalities till now.

Coronavirus pandemic: updates

Coronavirus update: March 31
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On Monday, USA reported 573 coronavirus deaths, its highest, since the disease outbreak was first reported in the country on January 20. It reported 20,353 new cases, thus the total number of infection case in the country, now stands at 163,844, almost double than that of China. The number of deaths in the US have surpassed 3,000 to reach 3,156.

France, too, witnessed its deadliest day, with 418 fatalities and 4,376 new cases. Its total number of cases and fatalities, now stands at 44,550 and 3,024 respectively. Spain witnessed 913 more deaths, while Italy registered 4,050 new cases. On Monday, cases in Italy surpassed 100,000 to reach 101,739, about 60,000 cases less than in the US.

UK registered 2,619 new cases and 180 fatalities, on Monday. The country, whose crown prince and Prime Minister have both tested Covid-19 positive, has reported 22,141 cases and 1,408 fatalities, till now.

Natanyahu in isolation

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in isolation, after a parliamentary aide tested positive for coronavirus. Although, the Prime Minister's test came out to be negative, "he will remain quarantined until further instructions are issued by the Ministry of Health," Ofir Gendelman, a spokesman in the Prime Minister's office, wrote on Twitter.

On Monday, lockdown was imposed in Moscow, the largest European capital city. In Africa, Nigeria's capital city Abuja and its biggest city Lagos, have been placed under complete lock-down for two weeks, AFP reported. The country has reported 131 cases and two fatalities.

Zimbabwe too has imposed a three-weeks lock-down. As on March 31, the number of global coronavirus cases, have reached three-quarters of a million, according to a tally by Worldmeter. The number of fatalities reported from around the world reached 37,815.

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