Coronavirus: Fairplex Cancels 2020 LA County Fair First Time After World War II

LA County Fair is one of the largest fairs being conducted in the US, the 19-day grand event has been called off due to coronavirus pandemic

The Fairplex has made an announcement that the LA County Fair for the year 2020 has been canceled due to restrictions following coronavirus pandemic. In the history of 100 years of LA County Fair, the grand event has been canceled for the second time now.

The event scheduled to be held from September 4-27 has been canceled. The decision was taken after much discussion and deliberation said, Fairplex President and CEO Miguel A Santana. "We will be able to enjoy all that the LA County Fair has to offer next year," he said.

Not only the visitors but also a large number of vendors, performers, and employees too rely on the fair for their income. At least 500 jobs have been impacted by the cancellation. However, due to restriction on large public gatherings, nothing could be worked out even after holding talks with Los Angeles County officials, Los Angeles public health director Dr Barbara Ferrer and the organizers of the fair, said CEO Santana.

LA County Fair closed from 1942 to 1947

LA County Fair
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This is the second time in the history of the grand fair that the vent has been canceled. The fair was not held during World War II for five years in a row from 1942 to 1947. Then the fair was not canceled but closed for a day on September 11, 2001, the day twin towers of the US were attacked by the terrorist group Al-Qaeda. However, the fair was reopened the next day.

The cancellation of the year's fair will cost a huge sum to the Fairplex. The 19-day event would bring in $324M annually in Los Angeles County, and $58M in the city of Pomona with 1 million people visiting the fair.

Fairplex not only organizes LA County Fair, but also 300 various events every year including June's Cheers Wine, Beer and Food Festival, Fourth of July spectacular KABOOM!, Oktoberfest, and the Day of the Dead celebration En Memoria. Despite all these events, nearly half the annual revenue of Fairplex is earned during the LA County Fair. This situation has led the company into losses and resulted in sending 80 of its 140 full-time employees into a leave of absence.

Company promises refund for Super Fans

The announcement clarified that Super Fans who purchased season passes will be given a refund. However, they will have an option to credit the money for the 2021 fair. if they opt for the second option, Fairplex will give them an additional seasonal pass. Check for more information on refunds.

Since March Fairplex has given out its space for helping in checking COVID-19. The grounds are being used for testing, hosting drive-thru food pantries, and offering free childcare for the children of healthcare workers, etc. In addition, Sheraton Fairplex Hotel opened up 244 rooms to quarantine coronavirus patients.

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