Coronavirus Deaths in the US May Cross 317,000 by December, Predicts COVID-19 Model

As per the new estimates, the nation can witness more than 136,000 deaths between now and December and the daily death rate can spike to over 2,000 per day

A coronavirus or COVID-19 model that has been previously cited by the White House forecasted that the death toll due to the deadly virus in the US will cross 317,000 by December. As of Friday morning, the model from the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington forecasted 317,312 people might die due to the deadly disease.

This marks a cruise of 8,000 deaths compared to a previous estimate the model projected a week ago. The US has registered over five million cases of the deadly virus since January. The North American country has also registered more than 180,000 deaths, as per the last updates.

US Deaths due to COVID-19


According to the new estimates, the country can witness more than 136,000 deaths between now and December and the daily death rate can spike to over 2,000 per day. However, the researchers stated on their website stated that if there is a rise in wearing masks to 95 percent then over 67,000 lives can be saved. Another forecast by the US CDC states that the number of deaths is going to be around 200,000 by September 19.

"State- and territory-level ensemble forecasts predict that the number of reported new deaths per week may decrease in 18 jurisdictions. Trends in numbers of future reported deaths are uncertain or predicted to remain stable in the other jurisdictions," CDC says on the forecasting website.

The deadly virus outbreak has created a major stir around the world in recent times infecting more than 24.4 million people worldwide. The virus that probably originated from the Chinese city of Wuhan located in the Hubei province is currently spreading like wildfire and has infected people in over 170 countries.

Scientists around the world are working at a war-like speed to find a cure for the disease. However, Russia has already registered a vaccine that it calls to be the first one to great the disease. The nation claimed it to be safe for use, however, experts around the world are not sure about the safety of the vaccine. An effective vaccine for the virus is expected by the first quarter of 2021.

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