Coronavirus cure? Indian activist urges global leaders to drink cow urine

According to Swami Chakrapani, cow urine is the "only cure" for COVID-19.

As the world is trying to fight the coronavirus pandemic that has so far claimed more than 5,000 lives, several people are making claims about a cure for the virus. On Saturday, several people in India lined up to drink what a political activist and ascetic claimed to be the "miracle liquid."

People of New Delhi gathered to drink this liquid, which was cow urine, believing it will protect them from coronavirus or cure them in case they have already been infected. However, these claims cannot be verified.

Swami Chakrapani organized the event claiming that coronavirus is here in the world to punish those who eat non-vegetarian food.

"Coronavirus has come because of the people who kill and eat animals. When you kill an animal, it creates a sort of energy that causes destruction in that place. This is the reason why it is spreading in the entire world," he claimed.

Coronavirus status as of 14 March, 2020
Coronavirus status as of 14 March, 2020 GISAID

There have been several myths making the rounds blaming several food items as the reason for the virus. However, the central government in India issued a statement asking people not to pay attention to "false rumours" about the novel coronavirus. Authorities said that the virus is not spreading through non-vegetarian food like eggs, chicken, mutton and seafood.

While medical practitioners across the world are working to finding a cure for the virus, Chakrapani claimed that cow urine is the "only cure" for COVID-19. He requested global leaders to consume the "miracle liquid" and lead by example in the fight against the contagious viral disease.

"Cow urine is pure elixir. Every person should drink it," he claimed, adding: "They (global leaders) should get cow urine imported from India because the almighty resides only in the Indian cow and not in any foreign breed," the Mahasabha chief said. "I request all the presidents and prime ministers of the world to take cow urine on a daily basis. You have all these scientists who don't know the cure, we have the cure given to us by the gods."

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