Coronavirus Cover-Up: Wuhan Authorities Threaten Woman Who Is Suing China for Father's Death

Wuhan was the first place in the world that reported the first outbreak of the deadly novel coronavirus

A Chinese woman from Wuhan is currently suing the government claiming that the nation covered up facts about the coronavirus or COVID-19 that killed her father. According to reports, the police also visited her mother and warned her so that she drops the case and not talk publicly.

Zhao Lei, in an interview with Sky News accused the government of hiding the reality of the virus outbreak when it started. She mentioned that as people were not informed they did not restrict their movements in the city before the outbreak turned into a pandemic.

"I think the government covered up some facts. Because of this, Wuhan people carried on living like before, they celebrated Chinese New Year normally, without taking any protection. It meant my father got infected and died," Zhao said. She is looking for compensation and an apology from the authorities. The city-level court system already rejected her case, as per reports. Her mother was also warned and asked to drop the case. "The police have visited her mother, warning that she should drop the case and not talk publicly," Sky News reported.

Wuhan Authorities Ask Woman to Drop Case

Coronavirus outbreak in China (Representational picture) Pixabay

But the warning did not change her decision as Zhao is taking her case to the supreme court of Hubei. "I think my lawsuit is good for our country. It can warn people that if we have a disaster next time, we could do something to prevent bad outcomes. We can save more people," she said.

According to reports, Zhao's father could not go to the hospital in an ambulance as rthe health services were overwhelmed. His family started to walk the six mile journey before they got picked up by a tuk tuk. The man lost his life due to respiratory failure in the emergency waiting room.

Wuhan was the first place that reported the outbreak of the novel deadly virus. China has been repeatedly blamed for its role in tackling the outbreak from all over the world. The country has also been accused of covering up details related to the virus outbreak.

As per reports, the authorities of the East Asian nation also silenced doctors who attempted to speak about the virus. Currently, the virus has been almost controlled by the authorities in the country, however, it is spreading rapidly around the world. The deadly outbreak has infected over 25.5 million people wolrdwide and claimed the lives of over 850,000 people globally.

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