Coronavirus: British man infects at least 11 in three countries without setting foot in China

The man from Britain caught the novel coronavirus in Singapore where he went for attending a conference

A British man, whose name hasn't been disclosed, has infected at least 11 persons with the deadly novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Among the eleven who got infected, five have been hospitalized in France, five in the UK and one in Spain. The man himself got infected in Singapore, where he went to attend a conference, late in January.


The man attended a business conference in Singapore from January 20-22, which was attended by at least 100 others, including a Chinese man from Wuhan. Wuhan is the capital of China's Hubei province, which has served as the epicentre of the virus outbreak, where the majority of fatalities and cases have been reported.

Haute-Savoie, French Alps

Wuhan Coronavirus
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He then travelled to France and stayed at the ski resort of Contamines-Montjoie in the French Alps, from January 24-28. He was there with a group of British citizens who stayed in two apartments in the same chalet, South China Morning Post reported.

Brighton, UK

The man then arrived in southern England, where he developed a fever and was admitted at a medical centre in Brighton. After testing positive for novel coronavirus on February 6, he was shifted to the infectious diseases unit at the hospital of St Thomas in London.

People infected with coronavirus

On Saturday February 8, the French Health Ministry confirmed that five Britons, including a child, who stayed at the ski chalet tested positive for the virus. "They show no serious signs" of a life-threatening infection, said Health Minister Agnes Buzyn. Six other Britons who were part of the group and stayed in the same chalet were hospitalized for observation. Four other Britons, in close contact with the man, tested positive in the UK.

Another man, part of the group who stayed at the French Alps was diagnosed with the disease in Spain. The fact that a person infected with novel coronavirus can spread to two other persons, makes the British man, a 'super-spreader'. Authorities are trying to track persons who came in his contact, throughout his entire trip. Coronavirus epidemic is spreading at a repaid pace and has infected more than 43,000 persons from more than two dozen countries and killed 1,018 persons.

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