Coronavirus: After Italy, now US doctors are puzzled to find unusual symptoms among patients

  • New study from China showed how Coronavirus is affecting immune cells

  • Doctors are finding it difficult to understand the virus treatment as new symptoms of COVID-19 are unusual

  • COVID-19 has caused multi-system organ failure in many victims, beyond respiratory ailment

The world Coronavirus cases reached to 4.2 million while more than 291,900 people have died since the outbreak in China. Even though it is known as respiratory disease, many patients are showing some unexpected symptoms which made it very difficult for the doctors and healthcare workers to understand the treatment process as well as the SARS-CoV-2 completely.

While discussing case studies, Dr Sean Wengerter, a New York-based vascular surgeon at Westchester Medical Center Health's Good Samaritan Hospital revealed that there was a patient who first complained about a little cough and suddenly a few days later he mentioned about cold and numbed legs. The doctor also noticed that the young adult COVID-19 patient had blood clots in the body's main artery and it was noticed that the blood is not passing into the iliac arteries and his legs.

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As reported by CNN, Wengerter said that this is an extremely dangerous development that can kill between 20 percent and 50 percent of patients. But the doctors saved the patient after conducting a surgical procedure to slice open the arteries and scoop out the clot using a catheter.

The surprising fact is that this patient is not the only one who was found to have weird Coronaviurus related symptoms. Doctors also noticed some patients with blood clots of all sizes in the entire body, kidney failure, heart inflammation and immune complications. As per Dr Scott Brakenridge, an assistant professor on the acute care surgery team at the University of Florida College of Medicine, this disease caused by novel Coronavirus is "manifesting itself in so many different ways."

Do we understand Coronavirus completely?

Many healthcare experts who have been dealing with thousands of Coronavirus patients have noticed that the disease has caused multi-system organ failure. While there are patients who are facing breathing difficulties, in terms of children affected by COVID-19, they showed symptoms of poor immunity systems, said Dr Brakenridge.

Even though the COVID-19 is known as a respiratory disease, in many cases the it is affecting the entire body of a patient. Wengerter told CNN that it looks like COVID-19 is creating a local inflammatory response which is leading to some of these thrombotic events, such as blood clot, and that is happening due to "the direct action of the virus on the arteries themselves." Some doctors also reported unusual strokes in younger patients, as well as pulmonary embolisms, which is actually blood clot in lungs.

One of the terrifying fact could be that the Coronavirus is turning into a "pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome." Particularly in New York, healthcare experts recorded at least 52 cases associated with the syndrome on Tuesday, May 12, said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Boston Children's Hospital rheumatologist Dr Mary Beth Son said: "In some cases, children present with shock and some have features of Kawasaki disease, whereas others may present with signs of cytokine storm. In some geographic areas, there has been an uptick in Kawasaki disease cases in children who don't have shock."

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X-ray-guided interventions are used for a variety of procedures, incl. performing biopsies, placing tubes, performing fluid drainage, inserting catheters in arteries and veins and treating conditions such as heart problems, blood clots, etc. WHO

It should be noted that the Kawasaki disease involves inflammation in the walls of medium-sized arteries that can damage the heart. Some doctors said that this inflammation may have been caused by an immune system response known as a cytokine storm, which may also cause some of the lung damage and unusual blood clotting in adult patients.

As reported by CNN, Dr Jane Newburger, a cardiologist on the Boston Children's panel and known as an expert on Kawasaki disease said that there is a possibility that "the antibodies that children are developing to SARS-CoV2 are creating an immune reaction in the body. Nobody knows."

Another puzzling symptom is "COVID toes," in which Coronavirus patients complained about red or purple swelling of their toes. As per the doctors it is possible that the blood clot in the body is causing this weird symptom. Cleveland Clinic pulmonologist Dr. Humberto Choi on the clinic's website said:

"One pattern of COVID toes that people are reporting is red lesions typically on the soles. It's possible that this is a skin reaction or caused by a small clog or micro clots in the blood vessels found in the toes."

Chinese researchers reveals some shocking details now

As per a recent study, published in the journal Nature Medicine, Dr Zheng Zhang and colleagues at Shenzhen Third People's Hospital in Shenzhen, China analyzed samples of immune cells taken from the lungs of nine coronavirus patients. The results revealed a high abnormality in levels of immune cells known as macrophages and neutrophils.

The Chinese researchers also found immune signaling chemicals called cytokines and chemokines in the sicker patients. Even extremely sick patients showed high levels of proliferating T-cells, which is another type of immune cell, according to these researchers.

The study revealed further that patients with the most severe COVID-19 symptoms showed lower numbers of CD8 T-cells, which directly kill virus-infected cells.

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