Cormier Media's Co-Founder, Seth VanDaele's 4 Tips To Start A Business

Seth VanDaele

Seth VanDaele is setting new trends in the digital marketing world with his digital marketing agency Cormier media.

An online presence of a brand/business unlatches the doors of new opportunities for them to establish credibility and to increase multifold their revenue figures. Seth VanDaele realized the power of the internet and the need for an upgrade in the existing digital marketing strategies. Hence, he founded Cormier Media which offers over 135 digital services in one place. Summarizing his business lessons, here are the top 4 tips to start a business:

1. Solve A Problem

If a business doesn't have a clear objective, success is uncertain. But if it solves even the tiniest problem of society, success is gradual but certain. Seth VanDaele along with the co-founders Nicholas Cormier and Benjamin Cormier went knocking on the doors of businesses amidst the Covid crisis seeking for extending business relations but, in vain. Things started falling in place when the team went the other way around to help those businesses struggling through the pandemic. They've brought multiple Brick & Mortar businesses into the online e-commerce space which opened up a whole new type of revenue for them to survive through these hard times. Since then the team kept achieving heights while lifting several small and growing businesses.

2. Just Do It

Now, if your business idea is in place don't sit for years studying theories about it to gain perfection because "perfection is an illusion". Mr. VanDaele says- "You can prepare and study how to play baseball, but when you try to play you'll probably suck. It won't be until you get up every day and get to the field that you'll begin to see any progress."

3. Never Stop Upskilling

Next, you're in the business arena already with a long list of well-established businesses in your niche. At this stage, you shouldn't be scared but should upskill in and around your field of business. This holds true for any kind of business.

Seth VanDaele's Cormier Media was founded just 1.5 years ago as a small digital marketing agency. But today the company offers over 135 different digital services. This wouldn't have been possible without upskilling. His vision for the next 5 years is to own multiple different businesses and expand his brand into something that his family will be proud of.

4. Having Others Work For You Saves You Time

When Seth was 15 he started a plumbing apprenticeship. The owner who took this young boy under his wings didn't just teach him plumbing but success. The owner taught him that having others work for you saves you time, and allows you to scale your business and get more done without you having to put in more work. This is why Mr. VanDaele brought people providing different digital services together under Cormier Media and helped save businesses' precious time.

"Big success doesn't happen as fast as it seems to the outside world, it happens through ongoing dedication."

~Seth VanDaele