Cops Threaten Maxine Waters for Pulling Over to Help Black Motorist Stopped in Burglary Probe

A video on Facebook shows the black Democrat standing on the roadside with her SUV parked in front of a police car.

The Los Angeles police threatened to issue a ticket to California Congresswoman Maxine Waters after she stopped to help a black motorist pulled over by the cops. The 81-year-old lawmaker had recently spoken in favor of the BLM movement, stating that the only way to hold the officials accountable was through popular protests.

Waters recently called US President Donald Trump an incompetent and heartless man who is more focused on saving statues of slaveholders, Confederate generals and racists, than protecting the health of living and breathing Americans.


Waters Stepped Out of Her SUV to Help the Black Man

In the video recorded by a Facebook user named Marva Brown, the black Democrat is seen standing on the roadside with her black-colored SUV parked in front of a police car. Explaining her action, Walters is heard saying: "They stopped a brother, so I stopped to see what they were doing. 'They say I'm in the wrong place. They say they're going to give me a ticket. That's ok, as long as I watch them."

The person recording the video shouts back, 'Gotta do what they gotta do. Make sure.' Saying '"I will," Waters then moves over to the cops questioning the black man puller over during the traffic stop.

Speaking to Daily Mail, Los Angeles Sheriff's Office stated that the black man was stopped by the cops investigating a burglary. Waters initially pulled her vehicle up to the traffic stop and began yelling at the deputies, stated the officer.

The cops told Waters that she was obstructing traffic and asked her to pull over. She was later released with a warning after she refused to sign a citation for the possible violation, the spokesperson said.

Waters' Act Draws Mixed Reactions on Social Media

The video of Waters engaging with the cops soon went viral on social media with many hailing her as a true warrior while few others slammed her.

"Saw this gem on Facebook. @RepMaxineWaters is forever looking out for Black lives. A true warrior for justice. #BLM," wrote a user.

"@RepMaxineWaters pulled over to ensure a black man stayed alive during a traffic stop & reminds us of what a #politician looks like who serves her people. #VOTE as if your life depends on it #Election2020," tweeted one.

"MUST SEE TO BELIEVE Mad @RepMaxineWaters stopped and intervened in a traffic stop because she saw that a black motorist had been pulled over, who she called her "brother" because he's black. What does that make everyone who's not black, her dogs?" said another.