Convicted drug abuser consumed meth before meeting founder

Convicted drug abuser Yeoh Kim Koon consumed ice before meeting Stuart Koe, the founder of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender social networking site,

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A district court in Singapore on Friday, September 22, informed that Yeoh Kim Koon, a convicted drug abuser consumed methamphetamine or ice almost three months prior to his meeting with founder Stuart Koe Chi Yeow in July 2016, who also founded a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender news and social networking site. Apparently, Yeoh went to meet Stuart Koe to buy drugs and they also shared an intimate bond.

However, when further interrogated by defence lawyer Sunil Sudheesan, investigating officer Parthiban Mathevanan, revealed that Sudheesan failed in giving exact details of the drugs used by Yeoh before he met Koe.

"(Yeoh) didn't reveal any information on the people he got the meth from. He only told me about the accused...I can't confirm if (Yeoh) was covering up for someone" said Parthiban Mathevanan on the second day of Koe's drug trafficking trial.

Yeoh, also known as Eric, previously worked as a Chanel beauty adviser in VicoCity.

The accused Malaysian is currently serving a 16-month jail sentence after he was proved guilty to drug-related issues on May 31. Yeoh, on Thursday, September 21 affirmed that he had bought the drugs from Koe several times.

Sudheesan further claimed that Koe denied the accusations and read out a statement from the Central Narcotics Bureau provided by his client on September 22, last year, the day he was arrested.

"I have never sold any controlled substance to any individual including Eric Yeoh Kim Koon ever and vigorously reject and deny such charge," he said.

Koe is on trial for drug trafficking and he allegedly sold Yeoh one packet of the crystalline substance containing 0.17g of Ice for $240 on Aug 25, 2016.Apparently, he committed the crime in his Spottiswoode Park Road home and has five other drug-related charges against him.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Wong Woon Kwong told the court on Thursday that Yeoh was arrested in his Compassvale street flat around 7:20 am on September 15, 2016, and that Koe was arrested a week later.

Yeoh told District Judge Olivia Low that he had consumed "Ice" with "Internet friends" he had made on Facebook and on a gay dating app Grindr. However, his defense lawyer stated that he failed to remember checking Yeoh's Grindr chat history.

Koe's trial will resume on December 18. If convicted for drug trafficking he can be jailed for five to 20 years and can also receive five to 15 strokes of cane as punishment.