In Conversation With Leading Model Yulia Foxx

Yulia Foxx

Yulia Foxx is a leading model who has worked with several large brands in the United States. She granted us an interview to talk about her journey in modeling and her thoughts on social media's influence on the modeling industry.

What made you choose to become a model?

I've worked as a hair dresser for a while before deciding to quit and follow my dreams to become a model. I've always been free-spirited, and modeling was something I wanted to do since my early teens but didn't have the support system at that time. Modeling enabled me to embrace my creative side, feel more confident in myself, and challenged me to step out of my comfort zone.

What are the challenges that you and other models face in the industry?

Getting a legitimate agent, especially when starting out, can be very difficult. Knowing who to trust as a new model is challenging, as there are many fraudulent agents out there. Doing your homework and research can help as well, but models have be very careful when choosing an agent, as they can make or break their career. Landing that first big-ticket modeling contract is another challenging task in the industry, as significant clients prefer to work with established and reputed models. However, it is important to take smaller jobs to build your portfolio. It is equally vital to network and make contacts in the industry, which increases the likelihood of landing major contracts.
The modeling industry is not what it was a decade ago. What has changed?

Social media has changed the game for sure on everything. Ten or so years ago, all a model had to do was show up and look good. However, much more than a pretty face is considered when a brand is looking for someone to advertise their products in today's world. Your digital presence, especially the number of followers on social media platforms, is an essential aspect that brands nowadays look into before working with a model. Getting your name out there as a model has become easier due to social media. In the past, the public would know you because of cover shoots in popular magazines, paparazzi, and gossip columns. Today, your digital influence and presence play an integral role in your success as a model.

What advice can you give to upcoming models?

Do not give up on your dreams; keep on pushing to get what you want. When you first start off as a model I would recommend going to group shoot events where models and photographers connect and create content which is a great way to start to build your portfolio that way. Also, do not look down on the smaller jobs; they are a good way of building your portfolio, increasing your experience, and earning you money to keep you stable as you work towards your big break. Patience and perseverance are crucial to achieving success, not only in the modeling industry but in life.