Contributing heavily to the tech and the media world is Shailen Vandeyar

Shailen Vandeyar

Owning the largest media account on TikTok, Vandeyar proves why he is the best in the industry.

No matter how much ever we get entangled in what today is known as the advanced technological world and moreover, the world of media, we still want it to be around it. As individuals, we are well aware of the fact that most of the growth of the media and the tech industry has been because of the surge in the growth of how well youngsters and other talented people harness the power of the same and come up with novel ideas and concepts that in ways more than one even disrupt the space for the better. Amongst these is a young entrepreneur, who has heavily contributed his efforts in growing the tech and the media world and he is Shailen Vandeyar.

The world may give birth to so many people with so many different talents that almost all industries today are getting fiercely competitive because it has seen people like Vandeyar who leave no stone unturned to make it big in their respective fields. The young entrepreneur comes from Australasia and today by the age of only 25 years; he has already taken over the market of social media as a tech and media entrepreneur.

Among the many social media platforms, TikTok has been one such platform that has given an individual the chance to turn into an artist and even an entrepreneur. This is also the reason it has become a highly famous and always trending online medium with access to so many different tools. Vandeyar had very early realized its importance and so made the maximum utilization of the medium. This resulted in him creating the largest media account on TikTok named @Laugh. This handle on TikTok has a massive following of 1.2 million followers already, who also love to engage with the account. Apart from the magic that Vandeyar has spread through @Laugh, he has also been all over other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, earning increasing popularity and growth.

His creativity and novelty in his work as an entrepreneur and his result-driven branding and advertising have given Vandeyar a special place in the tech and media world which has multiplied his followers and audiences. His skills and expertise led him to build his own companies. His company "VG Media", is a global digital agency that helps media houses, media entities, creators, with strategies and concepts that lead them towards monetization, growth, and success.

Vandeyar is also the young business personality who has very cleverly used his prowess in digital marketing and advertising and has been the man who has taken care of the branding of various infamous creators and brands. He is a talented entrepreneur whose expertise has also landed him with opportunities to partner with some of the best content creators like Michael Fallon, Marty and Michael, Neil Henry, and Jimi Jackson. He has very intelligently monetized the audiences of these creators and has risen the engagement rate to match it.

Growing a social media account to such a level and becoming an example to many other enthusiasts in media and technology as a social media and digital marketer, Shailen Vandeyar has definitely made a name for himself not just in Australasia, but around the world would with his undying efforts and passion.