Content Creator and Psychologist Dr. Ketam Hamdan Aspires to Educate Muslim Leaders About Therapy

Dr. Ketam Hamdan

Dr. Ketam Hamdan is a true multipotentialite; she describes herself as a guiding light for all those seeking purpose and happiness. She is a Harvard graduate and influencer raising awareness on mental health. One thing that has helped her transform thousands of lives and initiate mind shifts is her unique concept of psychology and spirituality.

Dr. Hamdan presents her valuable insights in a way that adds value to the lives of others who are unknowingly seeking a purpose in life. She advocates integrating multiple disciplines like psychology, leadership, brain science, spirituality, and religion to create a more holistic healing approach. As a licensed therapist, she believes that an integrated treatment approach allows treating clients more effectively. Instead of focusing on only brain science, understanding the concepts of spirituality and the wisdom behind them is the key to healing.

Describing her work approach, Dr. Hamdan says, "I inspire people to look inside by using brain science to understand themselves better. I help people recognize that looking inside is a daily thing, not a one-time concept. Most of us spend life looking outside of ourselves for answers, but the truth is within us. Few of us are taught about ourselves or how to heal our wounds. In a way we live life asleep, and when we learn to look inside you start waking up and start living life with more meaning, happiness."

Before pursuing a full-time career as a psychologist, Dr. Hamdan worked in Dubai. One accomplishment she is fond of is training leaders at the Young President Organization (YPO) in transformation and development. She believes her experience with guiding leaders to unleash their potential through guided practices stirred her passion for helping leaders and top executives excel at their jobs. She adds, " I met so many rich people, and they all had the same things in common; a feeling of emptiness. It did not matter how much material or financial success they had. There was still an obvious void that I was intrigued by. Why are they unhappy? What do they need to work on?, What would make them happier?."

Leaders Can Be The Change

An in-depth pondering and learning from other experts of human behavior led her to figure out the answers to these questions, and she realized, "We need to learn to surrender our egos and not chase the greed of money, instead if you lead a life of purpose the money and power will be a natural byproduct of this." Having a vision as a leader leads you to be innovative and do great things for the collective good; for themselves, employees, and the community.

According to Dr. Hamdan, leaders head organizations, and their mindset and energy trickle down the hierarchy pyramid. She encourages the leaders to pursue healthy transformations and mindset shifts through dynamic mind practices and personal development, to have a trickle-down effect and impact many more people.

Being on the top has shown Dr. Hamdan the evils of emptiness. She knows from personal experience how being successful by society standards does not mean you are happy from the inside. Through her boundless knowledge and experience, Dr. Hamdan is fully committed to influencing leaders across industries to live a more meaningful life void of greed and materialism.

You can access Dr. Hamdan's wisdom and valuable insights on psychology, brain science, and inner healing on her Instagram handle @brainhealthdoc.