Content Creator and Pro Gamer AbsorberYT is Making Waves in the Entertainment Scene


Hamza Saadah, better known as his online persona AbsorberYT, is truly a stone in the lake of the internet. With online media entertainment growing exponentially as we speak, the scene for becoming a prominent influencer and powerful piece in the industry has become insanely competitive. It seems as if every day, there is a new and upcoming creator trying to be the next Logan Paul or Ninja, and many fail to succeed. Yet, AbsorberYT has found no issue in skyrocketing to the top of YouTube's trending page, slamming viral video after viral video, and doing so in a family-friendly, hilarious way.

Hailing from a small town in New Jersey, Hamzah Saadah was born on March 17, 2003. Growing up, he loved to entertain, in all aspects. The positive attention, smiles from everyone around him, the excitement of showing off a new skill, all of it was like a drug for the young AbsorberYT. This joy of entertainment poured out of him and into video games, with which he fell in love with around the age of 12, prompting him to start his YouTube channel. 18 years and over 3 million loyal subscribers later, Hamzah is still holding his founding principles true: to make as many people as possible happy. With videos averaging view counts in the multi-millions, comment sections spanning hundreds of thousands of people, and viewer retention at record highs, he is certainly doing something right.

AbsorberYT's content is some of the most diverse in the game. His channel is populated with jaw-dropping clips from his many competitive gaming tournaments, pranks pulled on the hottest celebrities of the month, and comedic skits designed with the sole purpose of bellowing laughter. Outside of YouTube, AbsorberYT's influence has spread to both TikTok and Twitch, where he can be frequently found posting even more content. On his TikTok, he posts the highlights from his YouTube videos, say, the game-winning sniper shot from across the playing field, or maybe the shocked face on a celebrity as they realize they've been duped. These videos easily reach millions of likes and thousands of comments, with all of them reaching the trending page on TikTok. I, personally, have found these to be the best sampler of Hamzah's content– the best of all the worlds of content he provides. As far as his Twitch channel goes, Hamzah uses it to expose himself as not a perfect idol, but as a human. Here, his unedited and unfiltered self comes through, and it's honestly just as good. His other hobbies, namely music and magic tricks, have a chance to shine through on his Twitch live streams. To see the real face and personality of AbsorberYT, this is the place to go.

AbsorberYT is proving again and again that to be successful in the digital entertainment industry, you really do have to be the best of the best.

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