Conspiracy theory YouTube channel misleading public? 'Time traveller' admits hoax

time travel
YouTube Screenshot: Apex TV

Popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Apex TV' has been allegedly uploading hoax videos that they claimed were of a time traveller. Even though many people rubbished the claims made by the YouTube channel, a section of YouTube viewers were apparently convinced of the claims made by Apex TV, and they started believing that the concept of time travel is a reality.

Most of the videos uploaded by Apex TV featured a man named Noah who claimed to have visited the present from the year 2030. Interestingly, one of these videos featured an alleged picture of a dinosaur taken by Noah after travelling 66 billion years back. In another video, time traveller Noah predicted that Britain will join the European Union in 2030.

But now, in an interesting twist, a 16-year-old YouTuber named Denis Bel has claimed that he is actually the time traveller Noah. In a recently uploaded video, Denis Bel admitted that he has faked as the time traveller upon request from Apex TV. Bel also revealed that he got financial benefits as a reward for acting as a time traveller in Apex TV videos.

"It's time for me to admit I'm Noah The Time Traveller, The Time Traveller from 2028 who went all over ApexTV and fooled the internet to think he could Time Travel. Noah had many videos such as him taking a lie detector test, him showing a video from the future, and many videos of him revealing future events. Well, it is all fake because I am Noah the time traveller," wrote Denis Bel on the video's description.

In the video, Bal revealed that he was first approached by Apex TV when he was just 14. However, after making videos for two years, Bal now believes that it is time to end this show, as many people have started searching for his real identity.

The testimonial shared by Denis Bal has now gone viral on the internet, and it clearly shows how conspiracy theory YouTube channels are intentionally trying to mislead the general public just for the sake of money that can be generated online.