Conspiracy theorist supposedly abducted by aliens claims extraterrestrials live underwater


Conspiracy theory channel 'Paranormal Elite' has released a new video, showing a self-proclaimed alien abductee sharing his experiences of meeting extraterrestrial life forms. The man whose name has been kept under the wraps assures that he was abducted by aliens, was inside a UFO spaceship face-to-face with extraterrestrial entities. He also made it clear that aliens are living with us, but most of the time, they will be hidden in the depths of oceans.

According to the alien abductee, this bizarre incident of alien abduction took place when he was on a beach.

"I went to a beach and took off my shoes and started to walk in the water. Suddenly I noticed a light which was shining deep from the water. And I saw something huge coming from the sea. I was later pulled inside a saucer-shaped spaceship," said the alien abductee in the video.

The alien abductee revealed that these aliens are living underwater, and they are exploring and understanding our oceans.

"I was strong. But I couldn't even breathe. I was speechless looking at a huge, flat ellipse machine. It was levitating on the water and I felt a light coming from the machine grab me from the ground and took me to the spaceship. When I was inside it, plenty of gadgets and different displays were there. I found pictures of sharks and octopuses, and I believe they are exploring and understanding our oceans," added the alien abductee.

The testimonial of this unknown man has apparently convinced some."Sounds pretty accurate," commented a YouTube user named Shadow Elite 1.

Another YouTube user 'Something Remarkable' commented that he believes in the words of this alien abductee.

However, another user Anshu Pandey remained skeptical and asked how many days has this man spent to frame fictitious stories like these.

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