Consistency Leads To Growth: How Kevin Macri Went From a Young Dreamer to a Leader in Digital Marketing

Kevin Macri

How many times have you started a project and abandoned it because you didn't see results at the time? This detail is common to many people. To undertake a business idea and on the way give up just because you don't see results. However, the other side of the coin is much more inspiring. People focused on achieving their dreams and working for them for as long as it takes. In this category is young Kevin Macri.

Within five months of starting this business, Kevin had reached a million dollars in sales. His secret? Being consistent and persistent in his goals. Social media represents a broad, complex environment that requires dedication and effort to deliver better results.

Currently, he manages a social media sales team of over 50 people. And he continues to work with the same perseverance, dedication, and determination that allows him to grow even more in the digital area and expand considerably as an international reference.

It Is Not Time That Matters, It's The Effort

For Kevin, the effort and dedication you put into meeting your goals are worth more than the time you get there. No one fails because they are too slow. On the contrary, wanting to get results quickly can backfire. In the meantime, if you go at your own pace and take small actions that bring you closer to your goals, success is likely to be greater.

This young man assures that undertaking represents a long process, however, he emphasizes that by maintaining the right habits, it is simpler and safer to achieve success. It's all about determination.

The mentality is The Key

For this entrepreneur, the mentality is a fundamental aspect. Even before starting, preparing oneself mentally for the process is ideal. Keep in mind that it will not be an overnight result, but a process in which there will be difficult moments, pauses, reinvention, and many other possible scenarios that will lead you towards your dreams.

It is maintaining a mentality focused on self-confidence, potential, and ideals that will allow you to move forward even when things don't turn out the way you expect.

Failure Can Be Inevitable

One aspect that Kevin says is necessary to prepare for is a failure. Not as something permanent in your life, but as a process that is surely inevitable, especially in the beginning.

Failure does not represent defeat, on the contrary. Those who fail and overcome it, get up after a fall, are those who have the greatest capacity to achieve success in their goal. This, because they have the determination to overcome all obstacles on the way.

Besides, he advises young people whose scenario is similar to his and who wish to embark on the path towards their goals, not to give up, but to stay focused on their goal and work with effort, perseverance, and determination to achieve the results they expect and go much further.