Conservatives Take Power in Finland as Sanna Marin Narrowly Loses Parliamentary Election

Finland's opposition National Coalition Party has emerged as the largest party in the parliamentary election, according to the Finnish national broadcaster Yle's prognosis.

National Coalition Party could get 48 seats in parliament, said the prognosis on Sunday.

Sanna Marin
Sanna Marin Twitter

Commenting on the result, National Coalition Party leader Petteri Orpo said this was an important win for the party, and he was confident that formation of the new government would begin under his leadership, Xinhua news agency reported.

The opposition Finns Party came second in the prognosis and was expected to gain 44 seats.

Sanna Marin
Sanna Marin is the youngest prime minister in the world Twitter

The Social Democratic Party, the leading party in the current Finnish coalition chaired by the Prime Minister Sanna Marin, would be third with 43 seats, said the prognosis.

All the top three parties look to increase their number of seats in parliament.