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Conor McGregor's Gucci coats have an iconic story which the MMA star recently shared online.

MMA fans may not have seen UFC star Conor McGregor inside the octagon lately, but that doesn't mean the former champ has completely left the spotlight. In fact, McGregor has been very active on social media lately, and just a few days ago, Mystic Mac posted a lengthy statement about his elegant Gucci coats.

To everybody's surprise, it appears that McGregor's Gucci coats not only cover the MMA superstar's body but a whole lot of legacy as well. Referring to himself as "The Original Gucci mink," McGregor unveiled the story behind his Gucci coats on Instagram, MMA Mania reported.

"I bought this coat for 55 thousand U.S Dollars at the Gucci boutique store on 5th Avenue in New York. The same location I then bought the second one, with the dragon emblazoned on the back. Costing 80k. Both these coats are hand made 1 of 1's! None others produced," McGregor emphasized.

McGregor's coats turned out to be part of the Notorious' MMA career achievements -- his biggest ones, in fact. "Not only are these coats iconic from a fight game standpoint - One being apart of the UFC's first legal event in the state of New York, and the night the Champ Champ was born, and the other being apart of the highest grossing event, and biggest crossover fight in combat sports history, McGregor/Mayweather, they are now even more rare and iconic, as Gucci have since discontinued all animal skin clothing from their line. These coats are 1 of 1 and the last of their kind. All white, floor length, Gucci mink! And I have the only two in existence!" McGregor continued.

The former UFC two-division king also noted what a world famous fashion icon once advised him with regards to maintaining his Gucci minks. "I currently have both minks in a large freezer to maintain them. I was advised this by Donatella Versace at the British Fashion awards," he explained.

McGregor then continued with a statement of adoration to the legacy of his coats and revealed what he plans to do with the "iconic Gucci babies." "I'm not sure what will become of them, but I know one things for sure. These babies are iconic! One of a kind, and never to be made again! Wow! I knew upon purchase these coats would come back to me some how, and they did in PPV revenue, but the more I think of it, these babies are like art pieces now! I am going to leave them to my kids, kids. Who knows what they will be worth in many years to come? I estimate a hell of a lot! When you're good you're good, and when you're great, you're Gucci! Yours sincerely, The Gucci mink pimp, The Champ Champ, The Notorious Conor McGregor Sr," McGregor wrote.

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