Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib expressed regret over booing Hillary Clinton at an Iowa event

Tlaib led the booers on Friday at an event in Iowa in response to Clinton's comments in a documentary where she said nobody likes Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders

The media reported on Sunday that Congresswoman of Palestinian-American origin, Rashida Tlaib, expressed her regret over booing former presidential Hillary Clinton at an earlier event in the state of Iowa.

Tlaib led the booers on Friday at an event in Iowa in response to the former First Lady's comments in a documentary where she said that "nobody likes" Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, who had contested against in 2016, BBC reported. Tlaib later said that she had allowed her feelings about Clinton's remarks "to get the best of me".

Need to unify against Trump

"I know what is at stake if we don't unify over one candidate to beat (President Donald) Trump and I intend to do everything possible to ensure that Trump does not win in 2020," she tweeted on Saturday.

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"In this instance, I allowed my disappointment with Secretary Clinton's latest comments about Senator Sanders and his supporters get the best of me. You all, my sisters-in-service on stage, and our movement deserve better." The Michigan representative was taking part in a panel event with fellow Democratic Congresswomen Pramila Jayapal and Ilhan Omar, held at a folk music concert in Iowa on Friday.

Sanders leading

When the moderator brought up the escalating feud between Clinton and Senator Sanders, members of the audience began to boo, the BBC report said. The moderator interrupted and said: "We're not going to boo, we're classy here," to which Tlaib replied: "No, no, I'll boo."

"You all know I can't be quiet. No, we're going to boo. That's all right, the haters will shut up on Monday when we win," she added. Monday's caucuses will be the first formal test this year of Democratic voters' preferences. Senator Sanders is the frontrunner, with a slight lead ahead of his nearest rival, former Vice President Joe Biden.

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