A Comprehensive Guide On How To Buy Curtains For Windows

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With their stunning color and pattern, curtains Singapore can completely transform the look of your room. Apart from lifting the mood of your room instantly, curtains have a lot of other benefits too. They provide privacy, reduce outside noise, and let you manage the amount of light entering the space. You can get overwhelmed by thinking about how to customize window drapes that will appear alluring and serve all the required purposes. We've got you covered, so don't worry! This blog contains the information you need to make buying curtains easier, from determining curtain size to pick the most fashionable pleat style.

How To Measure A Window For Accurate Curtain Size

A poorly drawn curtain can lower the ambiance of our space, and if it is not serving the purpose, then it is really of no use. Make sure to take precise dimensions before buying the curtains for your dream house. Measure the window's width with a measuring tape (including the window frame). Take the measurements from three different spots; the top, mid, and bottom. These measurements will vary slightly. Make a note of the one that is the largest of all. Now double the window's width to get the exact size of the curtain.

Decide Which Curtain Length Will Suit Your Window

You can select from four different curtain lengths for your window. Which size you choose entirely depends on your taste, the location of the window, and the decor theme of your space.

Sill length

  • Rests half an inch above the window ledge.
  • Gives a casual yet charming appearance to the room.
  • Perfect curtains for small bedroom windows, windows above the sink, counter, furniture, or heater.
  • Looks extravagant in the kitchen and bathroom.

Apron length

  • These fall a few inches below the window sill.
  • Gives a crisp and unfussy appearance to the space.
  • Looks remarkably elegant in the bathroom, living room, and bedroom.

Floor length

  • These fall half an inch above the floor.
  • Give an illusion of your room being taller and more spacious.
  • A brilliant choice for living and dining rooms.

Puddle length

  • Six to ten inches more than floor-length drapes to make a gorgeous puddle of the curtain on the floor.
  • Appear opulent when installed efficiently.
  • These long window curtains are not recommended for homes with kids or pets as they are more prone to dirt and damage.

Choose A Curtain That Satisfies Your Light Control Needs

Every individual has preferences regarding how much light should enter their living space. Some like a dark ambiance, while some enjoy gleaming natural light filtering through drapes. So there are several fabrics in drapes with which you can easily manage the amount of light entering your house:


  • Made up of lightweight material.
  • Give a farmhouse vibe to your space.
  • Sheer curtain fabric looks heavenly in neutral hues.

Light Filtering

  • Block sunlight to some extent.
  • Semi-opaque.
  • Increase your room's level of privacy.
  • Can be suspended as a barrier between outdoor and indoor settings.


  • Blocks almost all the light coming from outside.
  • Ideal for people with sleep disorders.
  • Offers absolute privacy and provides a dark environment for better sleep.


  • Has an extra insulating layer beneath the curtain fabric.
  • Do not let inner heat dissipate outside.
  • Make your home energy efficient.

Determine The Number Of Curtain Panels

How many curtain panels you need depends on the width of your window, How much curtain stack back looks flawless, and the curtain style. After deciding on these aspects, you can confidently buy the required quantity of panels.

Select from popular curtain header styles

A beautiful curtain hung with absolute perfection can attract your guest's attention. For this, you need to focus on the heading designs and opt for stunning curtain rods. Have a look at the chicest heading designs:

  • Rod pocket
  • Back tab
  • Tab Top
  • Grommet
  • Pinch Pleat

Now that you have all the information you need, you can give your place a brand-new appearance like a pro!