The Competitive Fire that Fuels Emil Botvinnik

Emil Botvinnik

When most employers go through the hiring process, they often look for sports on the resume of the prospective employee, as it shows a competitive element that is often desired in the workplace. The competitive drive signifies that they compete and fight for every opportunity, as well as showing a desire to be the best at what they do.

Emil Botvinnik was a successful broker on Wall St. for 18 years, at one point, he ran offices with over 170 brokers. Emil specialized in high frequency trading, trading up to 1.5 billion dollars in equities per month. He became a multi-millionaire when he was just 23, and later co-founded a merchant funding company, funding over a billion dollars at the end of 2019. Currently, Emil is involved with a multitude of business ventures, he is a partner in a private equity group that holds stakes in various holdings in Europe and the U.S.

Emil's success in the hyper competitive and alpha driven world of Wall St. can be attributed to his vast background in competitive sports. Emil played football in high school and college, excelling at the wide receiver position. His speed and precise route running made him a downfield threat, and even though he was not as big as some of the cornerbacks that guarded him, his competitive fire and unrelenting desire to fight was a big reason he always came down with the ball in his hands. When Emil was in his senior year of high school, he received athletic scholarship offers from some of the biggest football schools in the country. South Carolina, Texas A&M, Florida State, Oregon, just to name a few. Emil was only able to play college football for two years, as he sustained a torn ACL during a 7 on 7 drill.

Football is an extremely competitive sport that goes at an incredibly high speed, Emil was able to recreate his success in football when he worked on Wall St. A lot of parallels can be drawn with football and the competitive world of Wall St., Emil's unwavering belief in himself and the absence of fear is a big reason his gridiron success translated to the financial world. Now that Emil has attained almost every accolade possible in the financial space, he has become a prolific motorcycle racer. Racing motorcycles at high speeds is very dangerous, it requires world-class focus and concentration, and the ability to make quick decisions in a matter of seconds. Such elements are Emil's strength, and a major reason for his tremendous success as a professional motorcycle racer.

"I was devasted when I lost football, working on Wall St. was a fast-paced and competitive environment that brought out my inner athlete. I attribute a lot of my success in the financial sector to my background in sports''.

Emil has participated in some of the most famous races around the world, riding alongside some of the biggest names in the sport. He raced in the Superbike World Championship, The Isle of Mann TT, Daytona 200, and the MotoGP- considered to be the Super Bowl of motorcycle racing. He raced alongside renowned racers like Scott Russell, Ben Spies, Nicky Hayden, Michael Dunlop, just to name a few. Although Emil hasn't finished first in these star-studded events, he positioned himself well, ahead of the last half mile of the Superbike World Championship- only to be narrowly passed by the eventual champion on a critical turning point in the race.

Emil is an avid traveler, and his professional motorcycle career has taken him to some of the most breathtaking spots in the world. He has raced at the Grand Prix of Doha in Qatar, The Jerez MotoE in Spain, The Algarve International in Portugal, The Shark Helmets Grand Prix in France, The Grand Premio d'Italia Oakley in Italy, and many more. What separates Emil from other professional racers is that Emil doesn't do it for the money(he has enough of that), but purely for the competition and adrenaline. Most racers are putting their lives on the line at sharp turns with high speeds just to cash a check, Emil is doing it for the adrenaline, and the thrill of victory.

"When I was forced to quit football due to an injury, I had to find something else to fill my competitive void. Motorcycle racing was the perfect sport, I love going fast and racing, it was the ideal sport to fuel my competitive fire".

Emil's garage is a stunning display of some of the fastest motorcycles on the planet, he takes his pick based on the type of course he is racing. Emil has the Suzuki SV650, Kawasaki Ninja 400, BMW S1000 RR, Yamaha YZF-R6, Dodge TomaHawk V10, Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship, Yamaha BMS Chopper, Ecosse ES1 Spirit, and a wide collection of Ducati's- the Ducati Panigale V12 being his favorite.

Emil is a true competitor at his core, when most athletes quit a sport after sustaining an injury, Emil is fearless and relentless in his pursuit of athletic greatness. The absence of fear is a big component that contributes to success in any sport, as athletes are faced with immense pressure to perform during big moments. Some fall under pressure, Emil is one of the few that thrives under it. A competitor can be removed from a sport for reasons like an injury, as they may become fearful of re-injury that can lead to long-term adverse side effects on the body. Emil thrives under pressure, and although sport can be taken out of the competitor, you cannot take the competitive fire away from an athlete. Emil Botvinnik is the perfect example, putting his life on the line for eternal glory.