'Compassionate' Husbands and Boyfriends Undergo Vasectomies after Supreme Court's Abortion Ruling

The leaked draft of Supreme Court's decision to end the right to abortion has led to a spurt in countrywide protests. This has also resulted in compassionate husbands, boyfriends and live-in partners seeking vasectomy. Reportedly, there has been a sudden increase in number of men seeking appointments for vasectomy from various hospitals and clinics.

A large segment of social media followers has flooded various platforms with comments and statements to mark their protest against the Supreme Court's decision. A faction of male followers has also shared their feelings adding that opting for vasectomy is their way of showing love, compassion and respect for their wives and girlfriends.

US Men opt for Vasectomies

Men Opposing Abortion Ban Opting for Vasectomy

A large number of couples do not want to have children and anti-abortion laws have made it mandatory for them to look for an alternative. In addition to contraception methods, Vasectomy has emerged as the "best solution" as is evident from the manifold increase in the number of males seeking the surgical procedure.

Vasectomy is a form of medical sterilization in which sperm is surgically blocked in a man.

According to a report published by NBC News men from various states including Texas, Ohio, Florida and Missouri have approached various hospitals and clinics scheduling requests for vasectomies. The report further stated that on Thursday, the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio witnessed "significant increase" in scheduling requests for vasectomies. It usually gets three to four requests a day, but from Friday to Wednesday it got 90.

The activists fighting for abortion rights have blamed the Supreme Court and the Republicans for having taken away the right to abortion from women which has disturbed the social fabric of the country. They also stated that men opting for procedures like vasectomy clearly shows that even men do not agree to the end of abortion laws.

A Twitter user wrote, "GOP leave my body alone! Or you leave us NO choice but to come after yours with No Choice Vasectomies When women say NO, we mean No! We will demand them for all men! What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander!"

Another user expressed, "@SenateGOP Congrats!! Your Christo-Fascist SC ending Roe has responsible men getting vasectomies at an increase of almost 300%--since they know that birth control is on the chopping block. The US population WILL decrease. US will be Country of old men!!!"

Expressing resentment, a twitter follower stated, "Soooo men who got vasectomies will also be prosecuted? Because that prevents pregnancy. What about the women using life- saving meds that will effect the fetus? Oh that's right. You guys don't care about us and want to see us die."

"You have politicians saying rape pregnancy doesn't matter or women can't control the amount of semen they encounter so it seems men are the issue. Vasectomies for all. Save us from reckless men and their semen," read a tweet.