Communist rebels arrest mining businessman in southern Philippines

The communist guerrillas, who abducted Lademora, have also confiscated 21 firearms from the mining site

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Communist rebels or popularly known as New People's Army (NPA), have arrested Carson Ceasar "Abud" Lademora, a known mining businessman in the region, and his aide Leonardo Cacao from the former's mining site in the district of Rosario in Agusan del Sur Province.

NPA leaders confirmed to Philippine media that the two were arrested after the NPA's regional command has received series of reports about their abuses against the people living in the community.

The communist guerrillas, who abducted Lademora, also confiscated 21 firearms from the mining site that were believed to be owned by the Lademora family.

Lademora was the youngest son of a military officer feared by villagers because of his reported ability to sow terror among residents in the district of Rosario.

Ka Ariel Montero, a high rank officer of the NPA operating in the region was quoted by the Philippine Inquirer that Lademora siblings continued to abuse the villagers and that his arrest was carried out so that he could be investigated under the NPA's custody.

"Through the continuing control of said armed forces and the remaining notorious Lost Command forces, the Lademora family monopolized mining in Sinug-ang, Bayugan and deprived other people of livelihood.

The NPA-National Democratic Front (NDF) and the Philippine government are holding series of peace dialogues to end Southeast Asia's oldest running insurgency. Their series of peace talks have been interrupted with firefight encounters between Philippine foot soldiers and NPA guerrillas that led to the cancellation of their ceasefire.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte lambasted the NPA because while the government is showing sincerity to forge peace with the NPA-NDF as an organization, they still harm both the soldiers and civilians.

A report reaching Philippine media disclosed that the NPA has 3,800 fighters with 4,500 firearms and they remain to become a security threat to the country when they announced they will continue their armed struggle. The NPA will be celebrating their 50th founding anniversary next year.