Commencing from a $150 job, Deepak Verma is now a prominent name in the digital marketing era, internationally.

Deepak Verma

After facing immense struggles since childhood, Deepak Verma hustled like a busy bee to establish his identity.

Born in a middle-class family in Delhi, Deepak Verma saw multiple challenges and struggles since he was 17. He wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and his family had been going through a financial crisis for a long time. Due to such difficult circumstances, he began making money to fulfill his family's basic everyday needs.

While pursuing his higher studies through the distance learning mode, he took a job at a call center that didn't offer generous pay but paid enough for his family's needs. Deepak toiled for $150 a month, which in Indian rupee amounts to 8000 Rupees per month.

Later, Deepak juggled multiple jobs in diverse sectors to sustain and support his family. He worked as a flight attendant in Virgin, got a job in customer services, IT department, travel, and tourism, and even sold electricity subscriptions. He worked for various brands such as IBM, Virgin Atlantic, HCL technologies, and more. While working in so many different industries, he developed a knack to learn more about Information systems and Technology.

To pursue his field and build his career on the skills he had, he got enrolled in a Master's program- Master's in Information Systems in Australia. While developing his skills and expanding his horizon of knowledge, Deepak Verma engaged in business with small enterprises based in Australia to sustain living in a foreign country. He shares, "To afford the fees, my mother had to sell her wedding jewelry for my education abroad."

After he completed his Master's, for a while, he had to face the struggle period until he landed a salesman job in a Digital Agency. It is from here that his career took a turn in his favor. He says, "Internet can be an amazing marketing tool and a game changer for businesses if you know how to harness the power of giants like Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other Social Media channels."

Currently, his company- Search Marketing Group- based in Australia and is estimated to grow in the coming years. Deepak states, "Search Marketing Group provides digital marketing services to other local businesses that help them to generate more leads and increase ROI. We have served 400+ businesses by changing their digital marketing strategy and transforming the website into a generation machine." The company has generated over $100 million worth of sales.

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