Comic Book Script Writer Rodney BarnesHas Launched His Own Comic Book Publishing Company

Rodney BarnesHas

Rodney Barnes has an impressive list of achievements. He came onto the entertainment scene strong with such TV show hits like The Boondocks on Cartoon Network. There have been a number of graphic novels he has written as well, including Killadelphia. Having one foot in TV shows and the other in comic books, Rodney has become a great example of an African American creative who has accomplished an extraordinary amount in a short period of time. He now has another major accomplishment to call his own: starting his own comic book publishing company.

Called Zombie Love Studios, this company was recently launched by Rodney to act as a publisher and distributor of graphic novels that focused on the horror genre. This is a genre of graphic novels Rodney is a big fan of, which is why it made perfect sense for him to shine the spotlight on graphic novels that were written under that theme.

Killadelphia has become one of Rodney's crowning achievements in the realm of graphic novels. This title was so successful among fans that Rodney has now been expanding the Killadelphia universe. Under his new publishing company, he is releasing further titles in the series.

Besides Killadelphia, there are a number of other titles already being released under Zombie Love Studios. These include Elysium Gardens, Monarch, Florence and Normandie, and Crownsville. There are more slated to be released in the coming months, and we will probably keep seeing more churned out for a long time to come.

Rodney has been a fan of comic books since he was a young boy. In fact, "addicted" is the best word to use for how he felt about them. Rodney would do whatever it took to snag a copy of the latest Batman or Green Lantern down at his local comic books store while living in Annapolis, Maryland.

With such a deep love for comics, he went to Howard University to study how to become a writer of them. Along the way, he also learned how to be a screenwriter as well. Armed with the knowledge he had, Rodney dived into writing for both TV shows and comic books. After seeing some notable success of some graphic novels he wrote, like Killadelphia, he felt it only made sense that he should open up his own publishing company.

This doesn't mean he is leaving TV shows for good. In fact, he has also recently launched Rodney Barnes Productions, which acts as his film company. Diversifying in this way is not only a good business practice, but a sign that he still enjoys producing and writing for TV shows. However, comic books have, and always will be, his main focus.