Comer Trains Gun on Bidens Again, Says President's Family Got At Least $17 Million in Foreign Money - Report

US Republican lawmakers increased pressure on President Joe Biden on Wednesday when they claimed the president's family may have received as much as $40 million in foreign payments in lieu of policy decisions that helped overseas businesses.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said in an interview that the evidence shows the president's larger family received at least $17 million and that the ill-gotten wealth might actually exceed $40 million. The top lawmaker also said Biden's family evaded taxes by hiding the money in a series of complex transactions and with the help of a cluster of shell companies.

Six Specific Policy Decisions Tainted?

"This was organized crime. There's no other way to define it ... We're going to try to determine how much money the Bidens took, and what role Joe Biden played in all of this ... It's a huge puzzle," Comer said.

The Bidens
Hunter Biden, on the left, finds himself in the middle of the scandalous laptop FBI probe. AP

Comer said the oversight panel identified at least six specific policy decisions that showed that the president was 'compromised'. He said this during an appearance on John Catsimatidis' 'Cats & Cosby Show' on WABC 770, according to the New York Post.

According to Comer, four of these policy decisions were made "while Joe Biden was president early on — [where] we cannot come to any other conclusion as to why these decisions were made, other than the fact that this president is compromised," the Post reported.

Routed Through Shell Companies

"Around 30 to 40 different banks, and about that many different shell companies. This is an organized attempt by the Biden family to hide the source of money going into these shell companies, and to distract from the IRS so they wouldn't have to pay taxes on it. And that's exactly what the IRS whistleblowers alleged in the transcribed interview with the Ways and Means Committee — that the Biden family never paid money on any of these wires that came into these shell companies," Comer said.

Hunter Biden, Melissa Cohen

Earlier this month, an FBI informant said President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden received $10 million bribe for getting a Ukrainian prosecutor probing energy company Burisma fired. The paid FBI informant said he was aware that a Burisma executive was in possession of documents to prove that "he bribed President Biden with $5 million while he was vice president."

Credible Informant

According to the informant, who has been described as 'trusted' and 'highly credible', Burisma gave the money between 2015 and 2016 when Biden was the Vice President. The Ukrainian energy company needed help from the White House for stopping a Ukraine government probe into the firm, the Washington Times reported.

James Comer
James Comer Twitter

Apart from paying Biden $5 million through a series of convoluted bank transfers, the company also paid an additional $5 million to Hunter Biden. "The scheme was concealed using multiple bank accounts, according to the informant," the report says. Hunter was already on the payrolls of Burisma as he served on its board. Hunter used to draw a $1 million annual salary at the company.

According to Comer, some nine members of the Biden clan are involved in illegal activities. They include Hunter, the president's brother James Biden, his brother's wife Sara Biden, the widow of the president's late son Hallie Biden, Hunter's current wife Melissa Cohen Biden, and Hunter's ex-wife Kathleen Buhle.