Comcast Down: Thousands of Users Suffer Massive Internet Blackout, Twitterati Express 'Disappointment'

Thousands of users in the US were affected by a massive Internet outage as Twitter was swarmed with complaints.

Tens of thousands across the US were left struggling with internet access after Comcast, an American telecommunications conglomerate crashed Tuesday, November 9. Social media platforms were swarmed with reports of some people having a total internet blackout while the rest faced connectivity issues using landline internet or email. The crash was estimated to have appeared around 8:12 am ET.

Consumers along the West Coast and Midwest and some even across the East Coast were reported facing internet blackout issues. People flocked to Twitter in huge numbers complaining about the issue to the internet service provider. Comcast, however, is yet to comment on what caused the outage.

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'Somebody at Comcast is having an absolutely shitty morning'

Twitter users complained, as well as joked about the internet outage, seeking 'solace' in the fact that 'everyone is facing issues with internet'. "Honored to be part of the nationwide Comcast outage this morning. Honestly take comfort in knowing everyone else is loosing their shit too," one person tweeted.

Some users also expressed 'disappointment' in the 'poor communication' as the company couldn't provide an update on the problem. "Disappointed in the poor communication. Lot's of people are tweeting about his but you aren't telling us anything," one tweet read.

'More than 55,00 Americans were affected by the outage'

Comcast, which owns the popular Xfinity internet is headquartered in Pennsylvania. DownDetector, a website that analyzes online outages, stated more than 55,000 Americans were affected because of the crash. Other areas which were severely affected include Los Angeles, Chicago, parts of New Jersey, and other locations in the Midwest.

Comcast Xfinity was reportedly down in Bay Area including San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, and Fremont Monday night and seemed to be carried on the next day as well. Xfinity's own outage tracker was also reported to be down, displaying the error message, "We are experiencing abnormal traffic to our network." Comcast provides internet services to more than 31 million broadband internet subscribers.