Combat Barbie Rianna Carpenter Flaunts New Guitar Collection Signed By Metallica, Staind, Tool and Incubus

Rianna Carpenter, who is lovingly known as Combat Barbie for serving in the US Marine and deployed in Afghanistan, took to Instagram flaunting her new electric guitar collection and proudly revealed that the guitars are signed by members of the band Metallica, Staind, Tool and Incubus.

The blonde bombshell said in a post on Instagram that she has always loved rock and heavy metal music from her childhood days and thanked her parents for introducing her to the music.

''From the second I was born my parents fed me metal, and baptized me in rock 'n' roll. The blood in my veins is jet black electric and my heart beats like a snare drum. Therefore, my rebel soul will NEVER grow old or numb. - Me, The Combat Barbie,'' she said.

Rianna also revealed that she's proud to have received autographs on guitars from her favourite bands. ''PS: Do you guys dig my new guitars?!? They're signed by my top favorite bands in the ENTIRE WORLD - whom I've been in love with since I was only a few years old (thank my badasś parents): Tool, Staind, Metallica, Incubus. I can now die completely happy.''

Combat Barbie Rianna Carpenter Signed Guitar Collection
Instagram grab / Rianna Carpenter

Metallica, Tool, Incubus and Staind are also her favourite bands and she also attended a Tool concert in May along with her family and revealed that she is lucky to have gotten a VIP ticket.

The leggy lass is one among the most sought-after models on Instagram with a whopping 1.1 million followers and her fan base is only growing by the day. Just recently, she shared her love for America on Independence day and also posed as Marilyn Monroe sporting a white dress keeping her blonde locks open.

The model had a ball a month ago while she went on a holiday to Hawaii with her sisters and brother-in-law and shared several pictures wearing a bikini and hitting the beach, along with sipping cocktails at expensive bars and was seen living her life to the fullest.

''MY FIRST TIME IN HAWAII!! So grateful I get to experience this with both of my sisters and my new brother-in-law! This is the most fun I've had in years!!!!!!!!'' she said.