Colorado Man Who Died of Alcohol Poisoning Classified as Covid-19 victim

Conspiracy theory floats on inflating coronavirus numbers

The official death toll provided by state, local and federal authorities in the US has always been doubted since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Another case has now been added to the growing numbers of wrongly classified deaths as a Colorado man who died of alcohol poisoning was registered by health officials as a Covid-19 victim.

Sebastian Yellow, 35, was found dead on May 4 by the police in Cortez, Colorado. His blood alcohol was found to be measured at .55, almost twice the lethal limit. The local Montezuma County Coroner, George Deavers, determined that Yellow died of acute alcohol poisoning. But the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment had categorized Yellow's death under Covid-19 even before Deaver signed the death certificate.

Health Department Reclassified 3 Deaths

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Yellow's death is just one of the cases of reclassification of death in Colorado contrary to what doctors and coroners ruled initially. Last month, physicians attended three deaths at Centennial Nursing Home and ruled that all of them were not related to the coronavirus. Still, the state health department reclassified all three deaths under Covid-19, a CBS4 investigation revealed.

Individuals in each case had tested Covid-19 positive but on-scene health officials ruled their death not related to the coronavirus. The state counted them all in order to allegedly show an increase in the number of coronavirus deaths.

Conspiracy Theory

One conspiracy theory is that death certificates are knowingly manipulated by medical examiners to inflate the Covid-19 death numbers.

In a video doing the rounds on social media, Montana physician Annie Bukacek can be seen purportedly arguing that the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) is encouraging medical examiners to erroneously report Covid-19 as cause of death in many cases. The video was recorded on April 2 at Kalispell Hilton Garden Inn where she reportedly spoke in front of a Liberty Fellowship congregation.

Bukacek, who is also member of the Montana Medical Association legislative committee, said: "Testing positive for Covid-19 does not mean a person is sick with it or, if the person died, that they died from it." She wondered if all the reported Covid-19 deaths are really deaths from the virus. Bukacek argued that the CDC counts both Covid-19 true cases and speculative cases of Covid-19 "the same", as its website mentions, "mortality data includes both confirmed and presumptive positive cases of Covid-19".

She claimed: "Based on inaccurate, incomplete data, people are being terrorized by fear mongers into relinquishing ... freedoms."