Colonel Aleksey Katerinichev: Russia's Spy Chief In Ukraine Killed With US-made HIMARS Missile Hours Before Putin's Annexation Speech

Russia's spy chief in Ukraine has been killed in a pinpoint strike. Colonel Aleksey Katerinichev was killed when Ukraine fired a US-made HIMARS missile. He was the deputy head of Russia's occupying force in the Kherson region.

Katerinichev was in Kherson city when he was hit. "Two rockets hit the house in which he was," Tass quoted sources as saying.

Colonel Aleksey Katerinichev
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Katerinichev Killed After Two HIMARS Rockets Hit His Residence

Katerinichev was a veteran of dozens of counter-terrorist operations, and served also in the Russian border guards - part of the FSB - and the country's emergency forces. Alexei Nagin, commander of the infamous terror squad Wagner Group, has also been killed in Ukraine, according to The Sun.

Katerinichev Died Hours Before Putin's Annexation Announcement

Katerinichev's death came hours before Russian President Vladimir Putin's formal announcement of the annexation of Ukraine's four regions. After a series of sham referendums, Putin has signed decrees that declare Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia as part of Russia.

Katerinichev Also Worked For FSB

On the night of 29-30 September, two rockets hit a room of the building where Katerinichev, the Deputy Head of Security Affairs of Kherson Oblast and an ex-FSB employee, was living. The collaborator died after he had been in his "post" even two months, according to Ukrainian Pravda.

Katerinichev Also Provided His Services In Border Troops

Reports claimed that before his appointment in Ukraine, he provided his services in the FSB units and border troops for more than two decades. He had also worked as the first deputy head of the Leader Center for Rescue Operations at Special Risk.

Videos uploaded on the internet show a badly damaged building where Katerinichev lived. Reports claimed that other lower rank officials also used to live inside the building. Locals have reported that five ambulances were seen driving to this building in the night.

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This article was first published on September 30, 2022