Collin Seow, The Leading Figure Behind "The Systematic Trader"

Collin Seow

Without risk, there is no reward. Collin Seow was fortunate enough to learn this early on, taking a risk made in a split decision to switch from "trading for income" to "trading for growth". 17 years ago, he worked as a full-time private trader, trading equities for a period of 3 years alongside being a stock agent. His initial goal was to make money, not serve clients. However, after witnessing some clients secretly following in his footsteps, he decided he would pivot.

Collin hit rock bottom in 2007, when one of his clients lost $250,000 while trading warrants, and was declared bankrupt as a result. As a stock agent, this meant Collin was held accountable for any losses made by his clients if they were unable to pay it themselves. This came at a time he was welcoming his second born, to add even further weight on his shoulders.

Collin Seow was desperate to see the light at the end of the tunnel. He realized that trading for growth was his only way out, and he had no choice but to develop a trading system aligned with trading for development. Failure after failure with sleepless nights didn't stop him on his way to developing a plan that could pay off the losses. His risk resulted in high reward as he was able to repay the debt in less than 18 months. Following this, he created "The Systematic Trader" to teach others how to trade effectively, increasing profit and reducing losses.

He takes pride in being a member of Mensa, a high intelligence quotient society that comprises the top 2% of the population. Many traders have succeeded under Collin's guidance, as he highly values longevity and reputation in the business. He has supported investors and traders through equipping them with a systematic process in achieving financial freedom. He has helped many traders save both time and money by providing them with the tools, skills, and values necessary to succeed. In his trading PLC Ventures company, he demonstrates how to manage a portfolio using the system. He has over 5000 graduates who are all learning proper risk management protocols, becoming masters in the process.

Collin advocates for the great glory that unfolds from rising after the times we fall. Learning from our mistakes, understanding how to survive, and appreciating the actual value of what we want in life is the key. "We take things for granted as humans, and failures go to show that we have no absolute control over everything." Collin shares. The reality is that everyone needs a coach in every sphere of their lives.

Change starts in the mind, starting from within us. Collin Seow shares that trading is a "game" and playing the trading game requires a mentor to direct you on the right path while making you aware of the mistakes you need to avoid. Additionally, he advises people to enter the game with the primary goal of growing, rather than aiming to get rich overnight.