College Confessions is the funniest Instagram page that will give you guaranteed laughter

College Confessions

There's no denying that social media has become an eminent part of every person's life. Teenagers and college students are especially more inclined to the internet fever. Nobody would have probably imagined that webspace would become an ideal platform for creating content to connect with the audience. Leveraging the relatability factor, Joe Ugenti during his college days created a page called College Confessions and the rest is history.

The page has got a platter of content including posts about college heartbreaks, dating stories, gossip, and backbencher stories to name a few. Initially, College Confessions was created to unveil the anonymous campus stories of students. But eventually, it became the go-to page of every college-goer. So far, '@collegefessing' has got a family of more than 6 million on Instagram, and its extraordinary content continues to woo the attention of netizens.

While a majority of posts on the social media page will tickle your funny bone, some instances will prick your heart. "We all have had funny memories during college. Every person has a unique college story, and this page is a depiction of millions of campus stories", reveals Joe Ugenti. Moreover, College Confessions has given many teens a podium to unveil their darkest secrets from college life.

Scrolling through the Instagram feed of College Confessions, the page gives a clear picture of the types of students and teachers during college life. With numerous yet funny experiences of students, the page has expanded drastically by creating content that has a perfect blend of humour and sarcasm. The rib-tickling content created by Joe and his team has undoubtedly made College Confessions the most followed page for students on the internet.

Unfortunately, there has been a huge gap for students wanting to go to college because of the COVID-19 crisis. Even during such challenging times, College Confessions has kept internet users sane with its hysterical content. If you are a high school graduate planning to enter college life or have already completed the campus journey, you must check out the content of College Confessions. We are sure that the universal appeal that the page has will make every individual burst into laughter.