Cody Vaujin Helps You Make Your Own Odds

Cody Vaujin

Betting on sports, especially with the technologies and resources available today, is now easy as can be. However, without a dedicated strategic approach, one's venture into the sports betting world can just as quickly turn into a financial disaster. At its worst, the 50-50 probability of winning may sound like a relatively forgiving margin, especially compared to other betting industries. However, when one considers additional charges like convenience and integrity fees charged by bookies and other entities, a 50% win rate starts to look more and more like a losing proposition.

Of course, some cursory analysis and strategizing can quite easily bump one's success probability by a few points. Depending on one's level of familiarity and experience with the sport, the teams involved, and handicapping in general, sports betting can start to look more like a calculated financial pursuit than a mere gamble. Such a sense of control, similar to one experienced by day traders and financial investors, makes the field of sports betting extremely attractive to profit-hungry individuals who have the courage and confidence to try their hands in this activity.

Although such confidence is immensely important in sports betting, an excessive amount can quickly lead a would-be high-roller to financial ruin. Today, the act of professional sports betting has become extremely in-depth. With the aforementioned fees and charges inherent in the industry, every betting decision should be made with the best possible balance of risk-and-reward. Barring sheer luck, one can only make a steady profit from sports betting through great effort or expense.

Like with many financial ventures; however, those who enter sports betting seldom have the time or capacity for the grueling work and study needed to succeed in the industry. With this in mind, many people currently offer sports betting consulting services that shoulder the grunt work involved in betting while promising better win rates borne from their supposed expert outlook. Although such services are invaluable for veteran bettors and beginners alike, the industry is rife with businesses of dubious quality and integrity. For the aspiring sports bettor, choosing the right consultant could be the first and most crucial wager they make in their betting career.

As a well-established sports consultant backed by four years of industry experience and the testimonials of over 50,000 clients, 22-year-old Cody Vaujin presents himself as a solid choice for taking charge of one's own odds. His mathematical ability, strategic and entrepreneurial approach, and a high degree of care for his clients distinguish him from a common sports betting consultant. As a result, Cody has cultivated a large following of trusting and loyal followers, many of whom label him as the sports betting world's 'greatest of all time.'

Cody's exceptionally gifted mathematical ability has resulted in constant winning streaks and a consistent 77% accuracy rate. In fact, Cody started as a highly successful sports handicapper himself, having won a contest against some of the industry's biggest stars in the summer of 2016. However, Cody would eventually find himself banned from most Las Vegas casinos after he turned his $5,000 bankroll into a $4 million profit over a period of six months through consistently successful betting choices and his integrated betting strategy.

This strategy is what Cody now aims to share with his large number of clients and followers. Today, he shares his own betting strategy that is based on a proven bankroll management system and careful analysis rooted in Cody's mathematical aptitude and passion for sports.

Going beyond the average sports betting consultant, Cody ties these together through exceptional customer care that manifests itself in all aspects of the business. Cody makes sure to give individual attention to every client, even often having to resort to limiting the number of clients he takes on in order to ensure each one gets his undivided attention. Another example is how, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cody's own initiative led him to immerse himself in sports all over the world to ensure steady profits for his clientele.

You can find out more about Cody Vaujin or his company through his Instagram.