Coach Veronica Natzia Shapes Corporate Structures For Success

Veronica Natzia

What determines the success of a company? A company is as strong as the people that uphold it. Its vision is achieved through collective efforts and determination. A team of driven and like-minded individuals is what steers the company forward. So in order for a company to thrive, not only does it need a group of A-players, but an environment that enables them.

After years of working closely with international corporations such as United, American Airlines, and Think Research, high-performance coach Veronica Natzia has formulated innovative systems that ultimately transform a company's internal force. By cultivating a high-functioning work environment, Veronica has helped corporates perpetuate top-tier talent, increase client retention and multiply net profits.

"It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do."

Steve Jobs

What do companies want?

In a nutshell, every company's end goal is to succeed. This is dependent on the actions of each representative within the company. It's no surprise that companies seek to hire only the best. The challenge arises when these companies fail to foster a stimulating environment for their employees. This results in many of their top talents leaving the company in search of better opportunities. In a world gone digital, many teams are operating remotely, which often increases this gap.

The Obstacles

It is more complex than ever to keep top talent motivated and engaged; losing the physical working environment has increased this barrier. There are more opportunities available to these employees elsewhere; they can work anywhere in the world from home. If companies fail to keep them motivated, in comes a two-week notice, and talent moves where their needs are met.

This creates uncertainty for management. When top talents leave, it is not only frustrating for these executives to replace them but costly. Not to mention, if they happen to find another high-level talent as a replacement, what are the chances that they will stay long-term? This obstacle cuts into other aspects of the business, offsetting the entire workflow.

The Solution

Veronica identified this imbalance in corporate structures early on, which led her to determine the cause and ultimately find the solution. She has worked with international corporations on their programs while mentoring consultants to view their business more efficiently, build high-performance habits from the CEO down, and utilize these habits to generate a six-figure income in 40k industries. In this evolving process, she has increased company net profits by two million annually.

Corporate Coaching

With corporate coaching programs, Veronica enables executives to create a high-functioning environment in which employees are both connected and productive. With the objectives and key results (OKR) system, the company can maintain transparency from within, allowing every employee to identify their individual strengths and how their unique role impacts the company as a whole. This results in motivated, engaged individuals that form a team of masterminds.

Veronica has created stimulating corporate environments of growth and inclusivity that led her client to manage 98% employee retention over a five-year span. All of Veronica's corporate programs are completely customized and tailored to the specific goals of the organization. She has worked with engineering, manufacturing, human resources, marketing, among others, running single or multiple programs simultaneously within the corporation. This includes:

- Speaking engagements

- One on one coaching

- Executive Coaching Programs

- Goal-setting and tracking

- Process mapping and improvements

- Culture analysis

- Employee satisfaction surveys and interviews

- Regular follow-up

- Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking

Taking Action = Getting Results

Veronica's programs stem from creating optimal company cultures. By building high-performance habits from the ground up, companies can overcome internal setbacks and remove growth-inhibiting barriers. Veronica's systems have led her clients to:

- Focus better on their work

- Think more strategically

- Be empowered to look for new efficiencies

- Have pride in their work with an employer who is investing in their success

- Report higher morale and work/life balance while also exceeding targets by as much as 200%

- Perform more efficiently and effectively as a team

- Make more profitable and engaged decisions

Get in touch with Veronica.

Veronica's corporate programs begin with a free one-hour consultation, where you will explain your situation and outline your goals. Taking each consultation personally, Veronica will build a program that will mobilize your team and begin to generate real results.