Coach Rick William On What Keeps Him Motivated To Help Others Experience A Purposeful Life

Rick William

Rick William, a successful British entrepreneur based in Costa Rica, coaches others in how to live meaningful, purpose driven lives. Throughout his career as a coach, William's mission has been to help others achieve inner peace and emotional freedom.

Many entrepreneurs, CEOs, and executives don't have the emotional support and direction they need to thrive at a personal and professional level. This is what William provides in his coaching practice. William shares, "My mission is to help end emotional trauma and suffering in this lifetime, as we know it. I help others live emotionally free, connected, and meaningful lives. I believe we all have unique gifts to contribute to others and our planet. I work with individuals on a 1-1 basis in my coaching practice as well as facilitate transformational groups."

Today, Rick William is an inspiration to many individuals who also want to contribute to the world in a meaningful way, but it hasn't always been this way. When asked who were his inspirations, William shares, "There are so many; sometimes I'm inspired by my teachers, mentors, other times by my friends, or even a random stranger I meet. I'm open to life being my teacher, whoever needs to show up to help show me what I need to learn."

Sometimes, helping others with their problems can take a toll on your health and mood. But nothing stops people like Rick William from helping others rediscover their own inner peace. So what keeps him motivated? He reveals, "I remind myself how I can support someone's life by just being there, offering guidance and seeing them as the whole complete human beings they are"