CNBLUE's Minhyuk and Jung Hye Sung dating? Truth revealed

The agency has denied the dating rumors.

FNC Entertainment has come to the rescue of their label artists, CNBLUE's drummer Minhyuk and actress Jung Hye Sung. The agency reportedly confirmed that the duo is just close friends, and are not in a committed relationship.

The rumors of Minhyuk and Hye Sung being an item surfaced online with an exclusive insider media report on 11 July. However, disregarding all the rumors, FNC Entertainment told OSEN: "After asking Minhyuk and Jung Hye Sung, we found out that they are not dating. They're the same age and they are close friends."

According to the previous Allkpop media reports, an insider, who is said to be an acquaintance of both the celebrities, quoted that both the well known faces of the Korean entertainment industry have been in a serious relation from some time. The associate affirmed: "Minhyuk and Jung Hye Sung, who are the same age, have been in a serious relationship for quite some time. Though they're careful about their relationship, everyone around them and their family members are aware [that they are dating]."

The insider further added both Minhyuk and Hye Sung have lots in common and understand each other very well.

"Minhyuk is exceptionally diligent and is widely know to possess a good character. The same could be said for Jung Hye Sung. They share the commonality of being celebrities, and because they are the same age, they tend to understand each other. They both raise cats and they also both enjoy flower arrangement as a hobby. They are a couple that anyone can relate to on many levels and would be envious of," the unnamed source asserted.