Cluep CEO Karan Walia talks about the future of the company

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mogul Karan Walia

The young tech mogul Karan Walia, along with his business partner brother Sobi Walia and Anton Manomov - revolutionized the world of artificial intelligence and mobile advertising in Canada with their company Cluep.

Cluep is an AI mobile advertising platform that serves ads based on what the users publicly share on social media. Karan explains, "Let's say you take a picture with your friends and share it on social media, Cluep's image recognition engine will automatically detect that you're wearing Under Armour running shoes and start showing you ads from Nike. Or let's say you post on Twitter saying 'I don't know what to eat for lunch today, our patented text analysis engine will detect that you're feeling hopeful towards the word lunch and serve you an ad from McDonald's."

By allowing brands to engage with people in relevant and compelling ways that tap into their interests, Cluep ushered the start of a new era of advertising. Which is why clients like Amazon, Nike, Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and many others, are seeing 10x the performance compared to competitors. In just a few years, Cluep has grown from a startup to a global powerhouse and the future looks even more exciting.

Sharing his plans for the future, Karan informs, "Cluep has a bunch of exciting products on the roadmap like tapping into audio and engaging with consumers in the metaverse that Facebook recently announced and AR/VR environments in existing hardware."

This article was first published on December 4, 2021