From Clouds to Canvas: The Inspirations of Huaqi Liu

Huaqi Liu

In the world of fine art, where imagination knows no bounds and creativity reigns supreme, Huaqi Liu, a Maryland-based painter, stands as an artist whose journey is shaped by influences ranging from traditional Chinese painting styles to the masterpieces of Rembrandt. Through his work, Liu chooses clouds as his ever-lasting topic, which offers the audience a glimpse into the meaning of life, inviting them to explore the interconnectedness of nature, emotion, and the human experience.

In the digital magazine Art Seen in 2023, Liu expressed his intention in using clouds as the metaphor: "the Chinese character for destiny' contains the character for 'cloud within it. This curious association between two things that at first appear utterly different suggests a beautiful analogy.'Cloud' becomes a metonym for 'destiny,'encoding the abstract, philosophical notion in a concrete, experiential image. Just as destiny is determined by multiple unseen forces, the lives of clouds are guided by the wind and all the vast, invisible phenomena of climate and weather."

In order to depict clouds, Huaqi Liu drew inspiration from Rembrandt. Like the Dutch master, he aspires to capture the essence of human emotion and experience, utilizing light and shadow to infuse his work with depth and texture. "At that time, everyone was seeking to make paintings more realistic and bought a lot of material to try. However, Rembrandt focused on the light and shadow, which we still use even now." Liu expressed his admiration for Rembrandt's technique, stating, "I have always drawn inspiration from the bold use of color by Monet and Mark Rothko. My paintings are a sincere reflection of my perception of the world. Monet's brushstrokes and colors, such as in 'Impression, Sunrise,' greatly influence my grasp of the visual aspect."

This artwork signifies Liu's nostalgic recollection of clouds from his childhood, and this is one of his Cloud Series. Inspired by the chalk dust on blackboards from his childhood days, this piece captures a moment of innocence and wonder. Liu achieves this effect by applying a mixture of white chalk dust and water, along with a shade of green paint reminiscent of blackboard paint, onto a wooden panel. The result is an image that resembles a blackboard carelessly wiped clean, evoking memories of classrooms and the passage of time.

Not only does Huaqi Liu draw well, he also publishes academic articles. For example, this year, he published a CPCI academic journal called "Cloud-infused artistry: unraveling the enigmatic bond between destiny and oil painting." Like he mentioned, "This essay culminates by acknowledging the manifold interpretations and symbolic connotations linked to clouds and destiny. Instead of pursuing definitive answers, this exploration serves as a conduit for the artist to immerse themselves within the clouds, providing a novel perspective for comprehending the intricate relationship between individuals and the limitless potential inherent in destiny."

Huaqi Liu, invites us to join him on a journey of fate-discovery and artistic revelation, where the clouds of destiny loom large and the possibilities are as endless as the sky itself.