Climate study reveals the world may face ice age again in 300 years

According to the study, the northern hemisphere countries are likely to get covered in ice in the next 300 years.

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Recent studies reveal that possibility of a frozen apocalyptic catastrophe is looming on the UK, the US and North Atlantic countries, if the increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide is not controlled.

A new study by a Yale University researcher, Wei Lui, says that the process by which the climate is changing could lead to the collapse of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) – a vital Atlantic Ocean current within 300 years.

The AMOC is a natural process which helps transporting heat from hotter countries to the North Atlantic region and without it the region will be submerged into an eternal winter.

Lui argues that the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere is increasing at an alarming rate and it will eventually cause the breakdown of this natural process. If this continues, the northern hemisphere will face an ice age-like situation and the entire region will be rendered into vast expanses of wasteland – in other words, Roland Emmerich directed movie The Day After Tomorrow will happen for real!

In the study, the scientist also said that the American and the European counties will be the first ones to be affected. Moreover, Tom Delworth, a climate expert at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said, as quoted by the Daily Star: "The current is a major player in the climate system, important for Europe and North America. So it's a big deal."

However, some scientists are skeptical about Lui's prediction as they argue that it is unlike for this current to break down, and send the planet into a new ice age. It is generally believed that the disintegration of the suitable climate will increase the temperature of our plant which will eventually melt the polar ice caps – a complete contrary vision to the new ice age hypothesis.