Climate change or man-made? This mysterious cave in Antarctica is shocking netizens

There was a mysterious cave discovered in Antarctica which measured around 74 feet high and 249 feet wide

There are several mysteries hiding below the ice sheets of Antarctica and scientists are still clueless. A mysterious cave on a remote island in Antarctica was detected via Google Maps and it left scientists puzzled while online users who came across the discovery claimed that it could be an "entrance to a hollow Earth" or a "military cover-up"

Even though the cave disappeared soon from Google Maps, say six months later, conspiracy theories reveal details about this phenomenon seeking answers.

Cave in Antarctica

The cave was located in Greenwich Island, which is part of the South Shetland Islands in Antarctica. A conspiracy theory YouTube channel, run by Blake Cousins, called "ThirdPhaseFromTheMoon" released a video with a caption stating that "Massive Entry Discovered Near Antarctica! Secret Hidden Base?"

It should be noted that in that video satellite footage, released in 2007, showed the mysterious cave but six months later it disappeared from the map. When it appeared on the map, the cave measured around 74 feet high and 249 feet wide. Blake suggested that the footage could prove the cave to be an "entrance to hollow earth that has been exposed on Google Maps."

As per the YouTuber, the cave could potentially fit hundreds, if not thousands of people. The co-host Brett Cousins said, "In a matter of a few months, this is insane. What is going on? Could it be a natural event, like a snow slide that covered up a cave?" Brett also put forward the possibilities of the clime change effect which could have melted the ice around the cave that made it visible.

Blake pointed out that the structure of the cave suggested it was a man-made cave as he noticed an alleged staircase entry. He also mentioned that based on the design of the cave it can be assumed that it could be a perfect place for spacecraft and flying saucers or even assets in our military to fly into this massive opening.


The mysterious in Antarctica

The list of mysterious findings in Antarctica is quite big than our imagination. It includes unbelievable underground lakes, the blood falls in the McMurdo Dry Valley, unknown creatures in the barren and icy desert which are surviving in extreme conditions, fossils and signs of topical trees, massive mountain range hiding below a two to four thousand kilometers thick sheet of ice (Gamburtsev Mountains) and many unbelievable phenomena.

Here it should be mentioned that a hole, almost the size of Ireland found in Antarctica in 2017 which is known as polynya. It is a hole with a span of 78,000 square kilometers. However, scientists are not sure why polynyas are created. But some of them claimed that it may be marine mammals using the openings to breathe.