From a cleaner to a self-made successful entrepreneur : The inspiring journey of Syed Ali Naqvi

Syed Ali Naqvi

The world loves a story of an underdog, a person who rises out of unfavourable circumstances and emerges victorious. While for many, it might just be something to see in movies or read in a book, but for Syed Ali Naqvi, it's the true story of his life. Born and brought up in Pakistan, Syed grew up in a very humble surroundings, but he rose above them and made a name for himself in the field of network marketing in the UK, and today, he is a successful entrepreneur and a self-made millionaire.

Talking about his professional journey, Syed reveals, "My first job was as a cleaner for which I am forever thankful. I consider myself so blessed to have found this role as it was my first step towards my dream. However, my living conditions were challenging. I remember a time when I had no money for bus fares and had to walk to work and back, two hours each way. There were days when I endured hunger, not really knowing when or how I would get my next meal. Sometimes I would wonder if I had made a mistake but I never told my family as I didn't want to worry them."

Syed then went on to work as a manager in a fast-food restaurant for years, and it was there he was introduced to network marketing. His interest, coupled with the opportunities he received, paved a path for him that led him to the position he is in today. A business tycoon and a financial wizard are some words that describe him, but even with such success his humility has stayed intact, and he still possesses the hunger to achieve more.