Claudio Mars is the Ecommerce Consultant Helping Entrepreneurs Grow Skills And Turn Profits

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Claudio Mars

Claudio Mars is an established entrepreneur who has dedicated himself to educating and supporting the growth of other entrepreneurs. Launching his EdTech brand Skilltransfer and funding it by providing ecommerce consultancy services to small- and medium-sized businesses, Claudio has hustled hard to get to the point he is at today. All of Claudio's knowledge, strategy, and wisdom has come from his own personal experiments, which allows him to implement results-driven digital marketing methods for his clients. Claudio's passion for helping other entrepreneurs find and generate their own value has seen Claudio go from strength to strength, allowing his clients to generate over $500,000 in revenue and having Claudio speak at various institutions and universities.

Skilltransfer is the EdTech platform founded by Claudio that provides education and upskilling for a wide variety of the different needs of leaders. He uses the platform himself to host his online courses, covering Business Strategy, Conversion Rate Optimization, Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google), and Copywriting. Skilltransfer offers instructors the opportunity to create and host their own online video courses, enabling them to earn money by teaching people around the world. Alongside growing his EdTech startup, Claudio offers personal consultation and workshops, running both online and physically in London and Stuttgart.

Claudio's own digital marketing skills developed as a necessity when he needed funding to launch the Skilltransfer platform. He realized that most of his consultancy clients were operating ecommerce businesses, and so he started his own online shops, trialling and implementing many different strategies and practices to fully connect with his client's needs. Alongside his master's degree, Claudio has also received training from the worlds top online digital marketing specialists, and is constantly honing his skills to maintain his competitive edge in the field.

"It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice" is a quote that stands as an ethos for Claudio's business practices. He emphasises the human connection behind business and between people, using his position as a successful entrepreneur to inspire others to lead with their heart. In recognition of his efforts, Claudio has been contracted as a speaker for various institutions throughout 2020 into 2021, showcasing his philosophies and galvanizing the next generation of business leaders. He also runs an online community of entrepreneurs named the Ecommerce Mastery Community, created with the intent to grow and share with like-minded and determined ecommerce entrepreneurs from around the world.

Claudio works diligently to educate and inspire entrepreneurs, using proven methods that he himself has tested with the mission of providing the keys to success to anyone with a lock on their business ambitions.

This article was first published on January 6, 2021