Classics For A Cause" helping thousands of Aussie veterans

Classics For A Cause

Tom Bailey, the brain behind this incredible cause, and his brother Edward founded this to help Aussie veterans with their health needs.

Isn't it amazing to see a few people and professionals work their way to the top in their respective industries to raise the bar for others? It is essential for people to know more about such professionals working across different fields around the world who make sure to give it their all and ensure to bring above waves of changes in the lives of people through all that they wish to do for the ones they work for. Doing that as a Founder and CEO creating a robust platform that can go ahead in changing the lives of the people in their country is an incredible business talent and a compassionate soul named Tom Bailey, who, with his brother Edward is the founder of "Classics For A Cause."

Classics For A Cause is all about helping Aussie veterans and giving punters a chance to win classic cars; as a fundraising platform, an incredible thought to help them to improve their mental health. They founded it in 2019. In 2015, they created an online veteran community hub that assists thousands of veterans every month to access free health services and raise awareness for mental health. They founded Classics For A Cause to help these veterans to gain access to these programs and provide funds to them to further raise awareness and funding for mental health programs.

Tom Bailey says that in a very short span of time, Classics For A Cause has come a long way, so much so that in their first ten months, they were able to donate over $1 million, which proved to be a huge milestone for them. This kept motivating them as a team to continue making that bigger impact on the whole of the veteran community.

To know more, follow the cause on Instagram @classicsforacause.